Problem with Godaddy Links on certain domains: Auctions are still going.

Oct 01 2016

I just checked my Godaddy Auctions links and found an unusually high number of auctions that were no longer active. I checked the names through search and they are still going, it seems there is an issue with the links or the affiliate server.

I check links on another site, not just DSAD and they did not work either.

I’ve made a separate post to draw attention to the fact that it may look like the auction has ended but it’s probably still active.

So far I’ve checked the names below and they are still at auction, but without working links on multiple sites.

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  1. Post author
    Josh E

    Right now that email is being read by someone at Afternic, who’s forwarding it to an engineer complaint inbox and will be read next Friday. I’m joking, I should have emailed them or called them too.

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