Six LLL.Property Domains Developed by Real Estate Brokers and Service Providers

Aug 09 2016

LLL domains are among the most popular and valuable in any extension, and we decided to take a look at how a few of these LLL domains are developed and put to good use in the .Property extension.

Screenshots are linked if you would like to check out the websites for yourselves. – Located in Weybridge, England, the company describes themselves as “The Bespoke Construction, Development and Project Management Company”.

spl-property – Based in Western Australia, “we provide real estate services including Residential Property & Strata Management, Commercial Leasing & Sales for our existing client base“.

rbn-property – The home of a real estate company in Ireland, “Our mission is to match buyers with sellers for all types of property in County Monaghan and neighbouring counties,which include Fermanagh, Louth, Tyrone and Cavan, allowing both buyers and sellers to benefit from our extensive local knowledge of the property market in County Monaghan.

gma-property – “ous property specialises in real estate in South Australia”

ous-property – Based in Texas, the company is a “real estate brokerage specializing in residential and farm and ranch.”

hbs-property – “DLA the fastest growing team of Commercial & Industrial Realtors in Australia.”


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  1. Ram names are going for $34k on godaddy.
    I got (buy to let) at the start before the price hike.
    Wish I got more now.

    1. Post author

      Ram, do you mean that people are asking for $34k for the domains? I see no evidence on NameBio that domains have sold at that price. Those are prices you’re throwing around.

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