Really? Two Clicks for a One Cent Payout? Just When I Thought Parking Payouts Couldn’t Go Down Any More

Dec 19 2011

I’ll start out by saying I do like Sedo.  For buying and selling names it is fantastic.  Last year I used to laugh because I was consistently getting pennies for my clicks.  I would think “At least it can’t go any lower or I’ll have to pay them to park”.  Wrong.   I am CONSISTENTLY getting paid one cent for 2 or more clicks.  Thank goodness I got two clicks.  I’d hate for the US monetary system to have to introduce a whole new 1/2 cent coin just for me.

As an Adwords bidder I realize the minimum bid is $.01 for keywords and .$.25 for CPM , so it IS possible to have less than a penny payout due to the fact that Sedo has to take out their share.  I’m not exactly sure which keywords they are paying for on my parking sites,  but if you go to you’ll see most of them are travel ads.  Last time I checked, travel keywords are more than a penny. Even if you’re traveling to Idaho.  Hold your, “Switch to this, Switch to that parking company” because I’m probably not going to switch.  Nobody is going to triple my parking revenue so it’s not even worth the hassle.  I can make more money by selling a name at Sedo than I can from parking all my names from two years.  As for the quality of the names.  I realize that pakku and jijoo are not going to get me to Ron Jackson’s list but Pakku does get 5-10 visits a day so it’s not the worst domain in the world.  But it’s still sad to think that I can look in my couch cushions at the end of each week and outperform my domains.

* the snapshot numbers above in order Visits, Clicks, Total Payout

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  1. dcmike77

    Sedo is a joke. Voodoo or Bodis simply pay you MUCH more.

    Sedo has lost their way. There are now new options with Afternic and Godaddy that are far better alternatives to selling a name. And you can park your names anywhere.

    You can blindly follow Sedo, or you can make more money elsewhere. Your call.

  2. Over it is

    Nor sedo’s fault as much as Google’s. They are keeping whatever they can get away with. The peasants need to rise up.

  3. Tom

    Sedo $60 offers all day long, trolling ground for lowballers, lost the prestige they had… Maybe see if you can get into sedopro

  4. Poor Uncle

    Half a cent is better than 0. 🙂
    It simply means domain needs to monitize different way.
    Good news for newbies. Better names at better prices for us all.

  5. Luke Summers

    I have domains listed on Sedo, but I no longer use their parking service. I was getting a few dollars but it wasn’t enough to justify sending the traffic to an advertising page.

    I’ve forwarded all my previously parked domains to my business site (specifically a sales page with contact information). I’ve had more enquiries about domains and I’ve taken ownership of the traffic – which to me was worth more than Sedo was paying out.

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