Recent Domain Sales Under $5k That Have Been Developed (pics):,, More

Oct 05 2016

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from this year that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. For today’s post, we’re looking only at names that sold for under $5,000. sold for $4,800 at Sedo, and the site is developed for an event management company based in Virginia. “Full-Service Event Management – Offering services that support the production of tradeshows, conventions, conferences, symposiums & seminars

spargo sold for $4,625 at Sedo, and it’s the home a new fashion retailer. “The latest wardrobe must haves from well-known brands, emerging designers and rare & exclusive fashion labels, STYLEWORX lets you shop, discover and connect.”

styleworx sold for $4,251 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from the for this London-based company. “Meritsoft was formed in 2000 to provide capital markets houses with the case management solutions they need for administering receivable and payables, specifically in the areas of claims, tax and brokerage.”

meritsoft sold for $4,000 at Sedo, and the site pitches itself as a type of workforce management company.

workn sold for $3,900 at Sedo, and the Switzerland-based company describes itself as a software company, but doesn’t reveal too much, “For several years, we provided our professional and human skills to many companies in different industries, helping them designing and building software.

waterdata sold for $3,750 at Sedo, and this is an additional domain for the people behind the developed The site says they have seven bricks & mortar locations in Alabama and Georgia. “Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will make your medical weight loss success our number one priority, providing medical weight loss programs that offer such essential support as meal plans, weight loss supplements and counseling, as well as the most advanced treatment modalities in medical weight loss, such as lipotropic injections.”

mdweightloss sold for $2,483 at Sedo, and this is the home of a new service, “With Flipdeck™, your frequently shared information is at your fingertips — so you don’t have to go searching for the same links, docs, and videos every time you’re asked.”



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  1. Ron

    Great for the buyer and seller. I hardly gets to read that domain name sold has been used to make a website. Most of the domain name sold are usually kept to resold them. So domain buyers are buying from another buyer.

  2. Scott

    Interesting article on companies who “have done more with less.” I’ve used FlipDeck and it’s a great concept, which is catching on well, from what My understanding. Previously, I wasn’t aware that they “stole” this domain at such a price. Visiting their website, the thought doesn’t cross your mind. It just goes to show that it doesn’t always require a seven-figure premium domain name to host a seven-figure idea.

    1. Post author

      “It just goes to show that it doesn’t always require a seven-figure premium domain name to host a seven-figure idea.”

      Thanks for the comment, Scott. I agree wholeheartedly.

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