Domain Spotlight:

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $10,000 at Sedo, and the domain appears to be needed due to a rebrand, as it currently redirects to Their phone number also ties to a roofing company named Absolute Roof Seal, and their domain also redirects to The company is based in Nebraska.

EverSeal sold for $7,973 at Sedo, and the domain which horribly fails the radio test was picked up by RealNetworks Inc., which is a $120+ million market cap company. They describe their new service as, “Kontxt uses patent-pending technology to provide next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks, along with state-of-the-art spam and gray route controls. Kontxt allows network operators to deliver a consistently better messaging experience for their subscribers. “

Kontxt sold for $5,800 at Sedo, and this is the home of a company which calls itself “Business Venture”, and alternately calls itself “BVI Group”, and says it was formed in 2007 and has over $100 billion of assets under management. Business Venture is one of world’s leading Asset Management, Merger and Acquisition and Minerals Mining company.

Bventure sold for $3,500 at Sedo, and the domain was an upgrade from, for the law firm based in New Zealand. “Law21 is founded on 21 core values of care and commitment.

Law21 sold for $2,688 at Sedo, and the owners of the hyphenated and developed smartly picked up the domain. “For years, located in Overland Park, KS, has been your premier automotive dealership, offering the best selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs available.

Carskc sold for $2,588 at Sedo, and the buyer has it redirected to their site at, so it appears they’re planning to use the new domain as an abbreviation for cookbook? “A collection of the finest food content including a ranking of the 1000 best cookbooks as judged by a panel of leading chefs and food experts”



Domain Spotlight: