Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics):,,, More

Aug 05 2017

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $30,000 at Sedo, and the domain was an upgrade from “esoft systems deliver innovative solutions that make it easier to handle large numbers of commercial photos and presentations.” There is a nice Domain Sherpa show discussing the quick and profitable flip of this domain to the current owner.

Esoft sold for $17,923 at Sedo, and the domain was an addition to, which is where the .at is redirected. They similarly redirect the .com to the .dk. Per Google Translate, from Danish, is an e-branded online store and therefore you always have access to the e-brand’s free Consumer Hotline when you shop with us.

ProShop sold for $10,201 at NameJet, and the site describes itself as, “Council of Cannabis Biotechnology” and “We Are A Group Of Individuals With A Goal To Improve All Facets Of The Cannabis Industry”.

Whybiotech sold for $5,000 at Sedo, and the owner is a Netherlands-based internet marketing company. “ is a platform providing information and material about Litecoin. We are not associated with the the Litecoin Foundation.” Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency, and you can find out more at

Litecoins sold for $4,500 at Sedo, and the domain was an upgrade from Too many of us pay more than we need to for our heating oil. The Oil-Club is the largest heating oil club in the UK with over 5,500 clubs and over 6 million litres ordered each month. By grouping our club orders into much larger group orders, we save our members £100’s on the cost of heating oil each year.

oil-club sold for $3,118 at Sedo, and the domain appears to be an upgrade from Per Google Translate of the Chinese-language site, “Nanjing Di Taiwei Data Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on data warehousing, business intelligence and large data technology companies in the field of technology companies. The company was formally established in 2014“.



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