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The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $12,000 on Sedo.  It looks like the name is now in the hands of a new Polish video game studio.  They have a few C++ job openings in Warsaw if you happen to be looking. sold for $2,500 on Sedo.  The name belongs to an Illinois company called Industry Juice that is now doing business as Twisted Alchemy – a much cooler name for their product.  Twisted Alchemy provides cold-pressed juices for craft cocktails, and their website shows an impressive customer list.  Their previous web address at is now redirecting to as well. sold for $8,600 via TP Media Group.  “ was created to help make development for Alexa more accessible by providing high-quality courses from Expert Alexa Developers.”  It looks like the first course may be available in May and the course instructor (and founder of looks like he might be 15 years old.  Maybe he just looks very young or maybe he is, but his resume is impressive.  Founder of, creation of a VR game that uses Alexa, founder of GameDevNetwork and now founder of  According to Namebio, this is a top 25 price for a .tv in the last 2 years, but barely. sold for $2,200 on Sedo.  The domain was purchased by Hyend Detail in the Del Ray Beach area of Florida.  Hyend provides at-home and mobile auto detailing services.  With some auto detailing services costing $1,500, I guess they have the resources to shell out for a better domain. is currently redirecting to sold for $4,902 on Sedo.  Export Partner is a company operating out of the Netherlands, and redirects to their site at  Export Partner claims to use their expertise to help other businesses increase their worldwide sales via increased exports – so their name is a perfect fit.

Domain Spotlight:

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