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Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed:, & more…

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $46,000 on Sedo.  Ok, so this one didn’t actually land with an end user, but I thought the situation was interesting enough to include in the post.  This name was purchased for $46,000 to turn around and list it on BrandBucket for $240,000.  That is some conviction. sold for $2,599 on Sedo.  It is a great name, and I’m surprised it was listed for so little.  Also interesting that shows that the name was listed for sale for $599 back in January.  The seller probably figured this would end up as a boutique toy store or online kids site.  They probably didn’t figure the buyer would be Samsung!  Who knows how much they would have been willing to pay.  PlayGalaxy is an Android app that allows someone to play PC games anywhere on their Galaxy phone. sold for $15,856 on Namejet.  Either the buyer was the company behind the Smartick Method, or the buyer has since flipped the name to them.  Their old (and still functioning) domain is, and they provide software for children that helps them grow their math skills. sold for $2,427 on Namejet.  The domain now redirects to which is a machinery and equipment company serving the international construction market.  A big part of what they do is sell cranes, and some of them are even red. is clearly an upgraded domain.  Next step is to start using it rather than redirecting it. sold for $4,000 via Sedo.  It is now another one of these websites that allows you to convert files of various types to files of various other types.  There are many of these sites out there doing this for free, but I think you are crazy if you use them for anything important.  These sites have the ability to become identity theft factories.

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  1. Centric is massive IT service company here in the Netherlands. Seems a good punt to see if they’ll pay a quarter of a million for the .com of their domain, the owner isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders anymore. They operate under the .eu at the moment. An expensive gamble either way.

    1. Hi Simon – thanks for the additional info. It is an interesting one for sure.

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