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The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $2,499 on Sedo.  A straight up keyword domain that was purchased by M Con Products Inc in Ontario, Canada.  Yes, it is unlikely that a company is going to name themselves Concrete Pipe, but if that is the main product you manufacture and sell, then it shows strength to own the keyword domain.  M Con is using it to redirect to their main website at sold for $56,000 on Sedo.  This is an upgrade domain for the Irish service station company with over 275 stores.  Their previous domain (which still resolves) was has been registered since the late 90’s and AppleGreen the company opened it’s first store in 1992.  It would be interesting to know how long negotiations have been going on for this one.  In the end, a very nice price for the domain, and I’m guessing it was driven largely because of the success of the acquirer. sold for $12,500 on Sedo.  This translates to 1001 tips (advice).  1001Consejos is a social network, allowing Spanish speakers to interact and share tips on different topics.  I’m not positive what happened here, but if I had to guess by looking at, one of a few things happened.  One, the company accidentally let the domain drop and then the name was picked up on the drop and sold back to the owner for a good chunk of change.  Two, somehow the owner sold the domain and website via Sedo?  I don’t think Sedo allows for selling a site, but who knows what kind of deal a Sedo broker could work out on the backend.  Three, the domain was picked up on the drop and the new owner reached out to the previous owner about buying the assets and firing it back up.  Who knows? goes back to 2009 with the same logo as is currently on the site. sold for $22,500 on Sedo.  .win is a gaming oriented gtld, and the domain was purchased by and redirects to the gambling site  Why pay $22K+ for a domain hack when you already own the killer domain?  I don’t know.  Maybe it is important in the gaming site world to own the .win of your name.  It is a pretty cool hack.  I’m interested in how much the seller made.  I would think that single letter domains were held back by the registry and sold for a large amount to begin with. sold for $2,455 on Namejet.  The domain is now the online home of Boat Warehouse of the Mid-South in Southaven, Mississippi.  I think they made the right decision over which can be had for reg fee if anyone is interested.

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