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Saturday’s Big List Of Domains at Auction and Dropping Around the Net

I have generated a computerized algorithm to shoot out the best auctions and drops for today.  It’s a mathematical formula that I first wrote in Cobalt and then moved to Fortran and now tweaked it to run on the cloud.  And I am lying.  I look the damn list manually and pick out the names that I like.  No computer is going to do that.  All I need is a system like dropday to put in all the data and I can do the rest.  It takes a while but I get better every year picking names that sell.  Then I leave you the rest.  Seriously, I leave out 1 maybe 2 a day at most.  But you wouldn’t be interested anyway because most are plant names.  You’ve already found my 5L names so now I even list those.   Here are today’s names 1996 Birthday. The name of the Jeans at Wal-Mart.  I believe they come in only two sizes 28″ X 34″   and 52″ X 28″    Plenty of other uses though 1996 Birthday.  I’ve seen two or three companies named Advanced Heating and Air Short and easy to misspell but still a decent name The Bronx is now a hip place to live Sounds like a new Japanese clothing line  No Bidders.  At least there were no bidders This is too easy.  I’ll just leave this here Super high paying keyword and dot me isn’t too bad of a fit here Hairshop, basket making, or basketball training site This has the keywords and your customers would remember it.  Yours for $20 Great name and I really don’t see a lot of action here.  The first name of the Ford Fiesta due to the amazing amount of large people that drive it.  It looks like they’re wearing their car. Some people think these kind of names are cool Not worth much but great sounding. Another cheap name but one that people would remember

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  1. One of the names you didn’t mention today or tried to hide from us is what was registered since 1998
    I’m right Shane?

    Ok, I’m just kidding. :-)))

  2. I was born semi-ambidextrous (if that is even possible) and a teacher when i was in second grade made me use my right hand.

    She said, “You don’t want to be different, do you? Look at the other kids. Don’t you want to be like them? Then, use your right hand.”

    I still use my left hand for certain things (no jokes please 😉 )

    Teachers…..LOL. Damn conformists!!!

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