Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-28-12

Jul 28 2012

I’m pretty stoked about the Olympics coming up.  My favorite event in all of sports. I absolutely love track and field and swimming.  But the opening ceremonies? Maybe you needed to be British to enjoy it.  I appreciate the coordination and effort but it was like a super long, super boring Super Bowl Half Time Show.  Fortunately it gets better from here.  Now on to today’s names Forever is a long time and a lot of money. May cross $5K but would make a nice wedding site name Stereo and sound equipment seemed to be lost in the shuffle of iPads, headphones, and tvs. This one has no bidders and is only $12. Is only $50. Look at all the ads for the term  Nice brand.  Cute name if cute has any value  A lot of people are high on this one but doesn’t pass my radio test so I’m not quite as big of a fan  100% brandable.  Nice brandables are doing very very well this year  Surprised there are no bidders here.  Media term. People that spin the news  In Latin it means a highway, road, or street……that’s all I got  Fred Wilson may want this plural of his domain  Human resource people will no the value of this one These are the kinds of names I just love. Simple and memorable At $12K which is a lot for a dogfood brand Another nice name. Great for pet shipment. net available as well 16 year old shipping domain  Ironically with this giant global Internet thing the hot new trend is local Deal of the Week! – $4.95 .COM! Offer expires 7/31/12.


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