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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Well, yesterday was 40 degrees in north-central Vermont. Way too warm, but if you’re paying attention to the weather at all, this was the warm side of a very very big storm coming through.

Shane got it yesterday. I’m gonna get it late morning today. Here, we’re expecting about 13 inches of snow–probably locally higher. I grew up in the Southeast, but spent 7 years in SLC, so I’ve had my share of snow…

But never over a foot in a day. Should be interesting! I’ll post pics maybe on Sunday of the snow and such.

In other news, I sold a domain at Uniregistry, which… still exists?

It was one of the very first domains worth more than $10 that I bought, all the way back in 2016. I listed like 5 of them at Uniregistry and then never ever logged into or touched that account again.

I had this name for sale elsewhere, then took it down, cuz I liked it too much. Never got around to building it out though, so when Uniregistry dusted off their keyboard and told me the good news, I decided to go with it. I could put that $2400-commissions to good use–better use than the name, so… I went with it.

The name has transferred but the money has not. Story of our lives, huh? Names at Auction – When you gotta flip it and reverse it. – Sounds tech-y. I’m not. But this probably is… – Hound and WHAT?

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – Smooooooth. “Casa-with-a-K” is a dope brand, I like it. – Nice little domain hack, if you’re in to that. – Could be a nice brand for a social media agency

Sedo – For when you can only afford to buy three letters, and one is on sale (the K), this name will do… – Dunno what .mq is, but EVERYbody knows what bitcoin is… – Project: launch Project Launch

Namejet – Decent two-word design-related brand. Not very inspiring, but a solid two-word. – A good business to have gotten in to three years ago (and probably still a good niche to get in to: deliver). I dunno about you, but this sounds like a cannabis delivery company… – a ways away from reserve, but if you’re gonna try and build a business where you can be outside all day doing cool shit, this probably a decent brand to invest in…

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Godaddy Domains With Bids – first name. Everybody knows Mcentire. – Dunno why such a high bid, don’t have ANY CLUE why the high GD valuation… – If you can’t join ’em, …start your own! – See the forest for the trees, digitally. …I don’t know what that means, but you can probably at LEAST get a few million in funding with the slogan and .com alone*

*Not financial, business, investment, or entrepreneurial advice. And even if it was, don’t listen to a guy writing a domain list at 9:30 on a Wednesday night… – Great medical brand. Someone, somewhere’s gotta want this eventually… – Eventually Gordon Ramsey will run out of names to call his shows when he gets to, like… #174. So he’ll probably come knocking to see if he can buy this one… – Nice. Kind of a fan of glass names.. kind of a fan of glass. – Big bids. Big value. Big, beautiful brand. – Another great agency name. – Double your Dollars at Double Dollar Casino. – I keep wanting to writer CakerBaker. I feel like that’s a way more fun brand, even if it is extremely dumb. – Great coffee website/brand. I’ll have a cup of 7am please. – Phew. I’m glad we went with, even though was cheaper… – HAY! What are… are you doing with that hay? Wait, nvm, I don’t even wanna know. – He has a propensity to use a thousand dolar word when a hundred dollar word would do. – Good sleep brand. If you check your mattress in the hotel room 75% chance it’s a Sleep Comfy mattress.

Domains domains Domains domains domains domains Domains domains

(to the tune of: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo)

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