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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

You can’t expect much in the way of notes here today…

I was very busy watching back to back NFL playoffs.

Amazing games. Both came down to the last play.

Tomorrow I’ll be watching the next two games, so let me ask you:

If you care about football, who do you think is gonna win it all this year? Names at Auction – Meal delivery service? – French for “school.” – Nice name, kind of weird .io maybe…

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – SEO domain (of questionable value) – Big enough industry to a support a .biz maybe? – Take your SEO to the MAX!!!1!

Sedo – I don’t know why this has a bid of ANY value, much less several hundred dollars. Also, huge pet peeve of mine: pricing cannabis domains as some version of 420. IT’S SO ARBITRARY! YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY JUST PULLING NUMBERS OUT OF YOUR ASS, NOT BASING IT ON ANY REAL VALUE. /rant – A crypto-ish name, surely..

Namejet – Sounds like a cool gaming thing. “First we’ll defeat the Hill Giants, THEN we’ll steal the God Stone.” Also, just googled it and it’s a Pokemon thing? – Super dope name for a true crime podcast or something. 10/10 would listen to. – one-word .org with a huge industry (travel) behind it.

NameCheap – I guess the “metaverse” gave a bit of a boost to ALL “verse” names? – Decent marketing name to someone in this niche…

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Godaddy Domains With Bids – A good (ish, cuz of the dash) exact (ish, cuz of the dash) match domain for some future SEO project in this noble industry.

But Sean, Google said exact match domains don’t have any value any more!

That must be why no one buys them and they’re so inexpensive… (yes I know there’s more nuance to this, no I won’t be getting in to it, just let me use my reaction gifs in peace!) – Pretty straightforward brand for some product focused on fast. I like it for a delivery company. – LOL. Not the greatest use of the .org, probably… – Mo Money the movie or Mo Money Mo Problems the song. Mo Capital is the web3 version, maybe? – A nice trustworthy .net for the YMYL niches… – Not quite as cringey as “Prestige Worldwide” but it’s getting there. Ignite Perfromance! There’s gotta be someone out there that screams this from the stage on their conference tour… – Four letters, super easy to pronounce… – Sounds like a street name in a fairy tale. That probably makes it a decent brand… for a BUNCH of different things. – Coupon site or fashion subscription box site? – Sounds like a great instagram account I would follow. – Not a TEERRIBLE cannabis brand, but pot isn’t a very good brand for the industry. Being heavily involved in this space, I see lots of hopefuls coming in and trying to register some utterly terrible brandables using “pot” or “weed” or “cana” — I appreciate people taking a punt on things but do some easy research… /rant. – Do your ears hurt all the damn time from wearing a mask? Use Mask Mate! – Straightforward URL for someone in the crypto space. JK, someone that buys bikes. – Terrible tld for a business, but pretty solid sld. – This would have been a better brand without the s: — good fruit brand. Royal Fruits? …something else entirely. – Dating site for stars–must be at least a blue star with a surface temperature of less than 25,000 kelvin in order to sign up. – Definitely an eye catching domain–could be a good marketing domain for…SOME company. – SEO domain – Better SEO domain

The Rest of The Whole Names, The Whole Kit And Caboodle — What’s a Caboodle? Nobody knows but the 1700s called and they want their dismissive phrase back, but that shouldn’t concern you because here is The Rest of The Domains To Consider And Definitely Click on And Also Buy:

Domain Spotlight:

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