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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Hello, good morning. How’re things?

Good, good. Glad to hear it!

Small talk weather, small talk sport teams.

LET’S GET IN TO SOME DOMAINS AT AUCTION! Names at Auction – the pointy thing on your fork that you stab a steak with. Good one-word domain. – your friend or your weed–getting some real action. – a name for raising funds!

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – fantastic brand for a shopify-focused service or an app or something. – cable is very 1999, but I guess you can deal in iPhone cords and such? – means to extend across something, most people will just see the “verse” in METAVERSE and do something with that, probably…

Sedo – nice, pronounceable 3-letter (and the last name of a not-super-famous-but-somewhat-well-known musician. – love this domain hack. It’s got a GREAT bid and reserve has been met. – a jarring and somewhat unappealing (to my ears at least) 5-letter pronounceable brandable.

Namejet – it’s .org so you know you can trust these tips! – sounds like it came straight from the strip mall to DVD – as generic a brand as you can get–use it for whatever.

Godaddy Domains With Bids – the future of the web is AI content… – a nice b2b brand to aggregate all your lead-gen businesses under – Pros Know Hair: Hair Pros! There’s your $5 slogan. – doubling up on the same concept to really drive it home. – probably not a lucrative industry, tipping calculators… – when you google “in five” the entire first page is taken up by IN FIVE YEARS, a book. So just… take that for what you will! – nice two-word brand for a skin care company. Sounds legit!! – bottled water or… plumbing? brand… – some people are gonna die on this hill… – everyone’s an expert…

The Names You’ve Been Looking For Your Whole Life, Go And Bid!

Domain Spotlight:

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