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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, Sept 22nd, 2022

Hello from rainy rainy rainy northern Vermont. The leaves aren’t really changing color this year, so far, they are just turning brownish and falling off the trees. Sorry, tourists.

But it IS supposed to be a high of 48 next week, so that’s pretty great where did the year go??

Anyway, here are some domain names for your consideration!

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – lot less of these in the 2nd half of 2022, huh? – seems like a bad combination… – really lean in to that green niche! – a very very confident VC firm…

Sedo – big name, if generic. – for when you’re really REALLY rich. – solid .org. I’ve always been in favor of one-word .orgs, it seems like the rest of the industry is catching up with me, which is just terrific for acquisition costs. 🙂 – better if singular/better if .com… – pretty stellar law brand… cheaper than, but a better (more brandable) brand. BIN price…

Namejet – 10/10 job brand. – 10/10 hard to build a business on probably… – I’m not sure what you could build here, but lucky is a great keyword and alliteration is always a good bet.

Godaddy Domains At Auction – stupid high authority. you’ll be surprised at the price (but it matches the authority and niche of this name, SEO-wise). – love it. rhymes. Pretty solid brand. – fails the radio test hard, but still has a decent amount of value as a brand… – a 2-letter .net is still pretty valuable. Someone buy this for me, it’s my wife’s initials… – a consultant? A blog about business ideas? Either way, I love this two-word-brand. – five letter pronounceable that’s pretty fun to say… – you can be the discount brand name agency, living on this .net. – big SEO authority and crazy good link profile. Man, these names are just… not affordable at ALL anymore. Back in my day, this name would have gone for like $900… <– some real old man energy. – TEST IT. Lot of people must look for something like this every day, if you’re interested in trying to outrank the sites that have been doing this for 19 years now… – pretty straightforward finance brand. – definitely a dimly lit parlor in a strip mall somewhere with crystals… – living in Vermont… maple is EVERYTHING. – will no one stop Big Fruit? – wig company or costume hair company? There’s a niche you never thought of. Put it on your Idea Hunter blog. – a relic of the past! Covid testing really has fallen out of favor… esp. in TEXAS…

The Rest of the GoDaddy Names At Auction With Bids

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