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Sedo’s Great Domains Auction Ends Soon: 21 Domains Have Hit Reserve, Led By,

This month’s Great Domains Auction at Sedo may not be the highest grossing ever for their monthly auctions, but they’re going to have a pretty good sell through rate, as 21 of their 50 listings have hit reserve and will sell.

There are three domains with reserve met with bidding currently over $1,000:

  • – Has some room to run with bidding at $41,000, compared the wholesale price in the $50-$60k range. A couple recent sales with Chinese-friendly letters include at $60,900, at $65,500, and at $71,431.
  • – Currently at 10,099 EUR and frankly I have no idea where this one will end. In Giuseppe’s latest newsletter, he estimated a wholesale floor of $12,000 for including a 4, but then there are some that say a 4 followed by an 8 is a really good thing….
  • – Pretty good western and eastern letters.

Below the $1,000 mark, there are lots more domains that have hit reserve, including 12 (of the non-CHIP variety), an,,,, and a .info and .de thrown in for good measure.

There are many additional names of interest, with a few listed below in order of the highest current bids:

  • – Currently in its reserve range of 25,000 – 50,000 EUR, and I believe “immobilien” translates from German to “property” or “real estate”.
  • – Bidding is getting close to its $25k-$50k reserve range. sold for $60,000 back in 2010.
  • – Bidding is within its reserve range of $10k-$25k. A couple recent sales starting with a V include at $23,800 and at $29,288.
  • – The reserve is in the 10k-25k EUR range. sold for $24,626 in 2014.
  • – Reserve of $10k-25k. Interesting to see the singular in NameBio with a sale at $2 million back in 2000.

Bidding ends at noon EST tomorrow, and you can check out the full auction listing here.

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