Domain Spotlight:

We recently looked at a few podcasts which had developed sites on the .Audio extension, and this week we’re highlighting some retailers who are utilizing this new gTLD. – This is the home of a maker of guitar cables, straps and other accessories. RZK in this case are the initials of the company’s founder, Richard Z. Kruspe, the guitarist of the band Rammstein. “Richard founded RZK Audio after receiving many requests from fans and guitar players around the world who wanted to learn about his sound.”

rzk-audio – “Locally owned and operated, Cartronics has been a force in Nashville’s custom electronics scene for over 25 years. We specialize in custom installation / fabrication and specialty electronics for your car, truck, SUV, boat, or motorcycle.

cartronics-audio – Based in Russia, this company sells car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and accessories. This site is in English, but they also maintain a Russian-language site at

alphard-audio – An abbreviation for Spread Spectrum Technologies, “The brand that produced innovative and iconic audio products like the “Ampzilla” amp remains a paragon of high-end audio today. SST—The Legacy Continues“.

sst-audio – “Métronome is a French innovative company. Our aim is to propose you a universe where the sound is king, where it is real. Designed and hand-made in France, our products will satisfy you through their incredible technical performances and quality of sound, approved by international reviewers.”


metronome-audio – A maker of headphones, based in Germany. “Founded in 1991, ULTRASONE began to build up the brand image as a high-class and innovative company for sophisticated customers.”


ultrasone-audio – “The most premium customizable headphones in the world. User inspired and radically rethinking audio products for the new generation of music lovers.”


Domain Spotlight: