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Shane’s Big Free Giveaway: 3 Months of My New Dropping Domain Finder

People are always asking me what I use to find my domains for my daily list so it’s time to spill the beans.  My new go to program is  To use the words of the famous Morgan Linton, “It’s a game changer”.  It’s not something you’ve ever heard me say but I’m throwing it out this time.  It really has everything I need and a few things I’ve wanted for years.  There are still a few holes, but overall it’s pretty sweet and other than price, I don’t see why anyone would use anything else.

I’ve been using it the last few days and I’ll give you a quick analysis of the pros and the cons of the system


Built in Estibot Value: I realize that Estibot values aren’t true values but they certainly have some worth and are good for a second opinion

PR and Past PR: It’s difficult to find past Page Rank of domains but they’re all right here. Something I’ve wanted for a long time

Possible Endusers: Not only does it put it in numeric value that can be sorted but if you go even deeper it will also generate an enduser report.  This was one of the best things that Estibot offered.

Wayback Records:  Lets you know how many times the “Wayback Machine” at archive found a site.  Gives you a sense of history.

Comparable Sales Data:  Another piece of data I love. Earlier I was looking to make a site that included either  Estibot or Namebio (Estibot was a spinoff of Namebio’s data) data.  Dropping has already done it

Editable Columns:  You can make it look like whatever you want.  If there are things you don’t use then you can get rid of that column and clean it up.

Easy to change timeframes:  I look at domains dropping a day out.  Not that same day but the next day.  I had a heck of time getting a few analyzer to show JUST those names and not today’s and tomorrows. Protrada actually had to create it for me. This one ready to go and easy to filter.

All the common stuff:  They put in all the data all the rest of the analyzers have.  age, searches, traffic, etc.   You assume the analyzer will have all this but I’m surprised what they leave out some times.
















No trial: Everyone wants to test drive before they buy. I assume this will be coming up. To help out I am going to give away a FREE 3 month FULL membership. A $450 value and the account will be fully opened up so you get everything. See the bottom of this post how you can win. (Edit:  A 7 day free trial has been added USE Code  FREE7 )

Bidding is broken: You are supposed to be able to bid on names through the system but every time you do it says it’s too late to do so even though there’s clearly plenty of time

No snipe feature: The main reason I use Protrada. This is worth $50 a month alone. It may be there but since I can;t bid yet I don’t know. If they add this in I can’t see anything else to add

Again, I’m fickle when it comes to my analyzer. I usually don’t even tell anyone because a good analyzer gives you an advantage. It’s how I find my “hidden gems” and no bid names. Those types of name are worth $1K a month in profits to me. If I could snipe, maybe more. So if price is a problem I may be able to help. If you want a free 3 month fully opened up account then tweet this (follow me while you’re at it)

@DomainShane I want 3 Free Months of

I am going to put them in number order and then use a random number picker to choose a winner. The Contest runs today and tomorrow and I’ll pick the winner and announce here and tweet it at 6 am eastern Thursday morning.


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10 Replies to “Shane’s Big Free Giveaway: 3 Months of My New Dropping Domain Finder”

  1. How many fulll time domainers you think would pony up between $1200-$1800 a year, I guess if they get about 100 users, that equates to about $150K in revenue, not a bad little business…

    Service is a bit over prices, more in the lines of about $80 a month maybe

  2. IMO There are some great software programs on the market to acquire names, but there doesn’t appear to be any great sales (liquidity) platforms that I have seen. Nice Post. Keep us posted.

  3. John, best sales platform right now is namejet, many domainers are quietly selling some of their domains off on there. It is amazing how much one pays when they think your domain is actually dropping, rather than just you selling.

  4. @Shane – how would you compare this to Better? I’m going to sign up for the 7-day trial and give it a try myself, but was curious if you’ve compared the two.

    1. Loren,

      I’m not sure why anyone would use Freshdrop. does everything that does but it’s free. It’s certainly better but it really depends on how much data you want. Dropping has the potential to have everything I could ever want if it adds just a few more things

  5. I doubt it, I know Shane has mentioned he has sold on there, they will take your premium domains on, but charge you a nice commission, what do they care, as long as they get your cut.

  6. Hehe, now I’ll have to come-up with a new saying 🙂 How does “It’s a service to end all services!” sound?

    Oh and I do agree, Luc has really gone big with!

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