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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 13th, 2013

Yesterday I flew Virgin Airlines for the first time and must say that they are by far the best airline I have ever flown.  While all the other people were being herded like cattle at American and Spirit, I had personal attention, no lines, music playing, and employees dancing.  The plane had a personal video in every seat with direct tv and movies and their is more legroom in coach than all the others I’ve flown.  Absolutely worth the extra money.  I’m not sure I’m happy I have a better way to travel or pissed that the other airlines have been abusing me.  Here are today’s names. I don’t think its a real word but there are silver collectors and it can become a word.  Also could be use for the fans of Elliot.  No bidders 16 years old  Pretty sure these are worth more than $40 O for organization  Everyone owns at least one pair.  Millions of searches.  I like to sell things that everyone owns at least one of.  No bidders and at a $1 when I wrote this

New Domains from!  Pretty sure this can stand for anything but everyone will be looking for space info  Not only a great looking name but short and memorable. Would be a good buy under $3K and necessarily a bad buy over that  Every persons dream.  A lot of people make a lot of money selling dreams   Obvious use.  Could brand it as short for modeling jobs.  Or you could love 1/16 scale stuff. One bidder.  The dot org wants $1800  For $69 would be a cheap marketing expense for a company that prides itself on being open 24 hours.  16 years old  I like it because I love stats and I think others do too but I love it because its also 19 years old   Mrs doesn’t need to have all the fun  Been up for auction before. Went for more than I wanted to pay before and headed there now  As I type I realize I could use one.  My cuticles need pushing….or so I’m told  No fours means lots of zeros  The A takes off tens of thousands. 13 years old. The domain, not the telephone

HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?  Let me know.  I can help promote your name.  Here are yesterday’s “Daily Book of 10” in case you missed them.  Ironically 16 years old.  A perfect name if you are or want to be in the adult domain market  10 years old.  $15 CPC.  Other counseling names have been sold for $1000 plus.  Contact owner via whois email if interested $650  Pretty sure this is high month for people looking up how to stop their coughs and runny noses.  $888  $1500  Could easily make a whole site of youtube videos  $25K  Dude or man in Spanish.   Vato Gonzalez already tried to buy it but evidently hasn’t sold enough records yet.  Will sell for six figures eventually IMO

If you’d like your domain featured in the Book of 10 in future weeks please contact me for pricing and information

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  1. is not up for auction as you link redirects. I did not find an auction for either.

  2. Looks like Federer, or should we call him “David Biggs…who has just recently started acquiring domain names” has another nice .info for sale.

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