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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 20th, 2013

I wanted to thank everyone who’s sent me all the incredible Christmas presents so far this year.  I am humbled by all the generosity and can’t believe that simply doing a list every day and writing a few articles could lead to making so many friends.  I do have one gift that I want to personally thank the giver,  NetCompanies, the owners of the awesome domain, sent over some California wine that is unbelievable.  It really was some nice swag. You California people have it made, good weather, the beach, and some of the best wine in the world.  Here are today’s names.  Easily worth the $1500 initial bid requirement IMO.  Getting the name after you buy it is a different story.  At least one person I know has purchased a 3rd party name being auctioned at Godaddy and had the owner not return emails or transferred  the name.  And all Godaddy could do was cancel their auction account.  Out of all the names that are auctioned it doesn’t happen often but it shouldn’t happen ever.  If a big name is to be listed on an auction site there has to be a guarantee it is going to be transferred if the reserve is met.  Otherwise bidders will lose faith in the platform– There were two two-character .net domain sales in 2013 according to Namebio  are at $3,850, at $3,000, at $4,888, and at $2,201, for an average of $3,485. The reserve on this one is well below that average.   Strong sounding name.  13 years old  Vowel at the end, 12 years old, and all bad scrabble letters.  What else can you ask for in a  No bidders.  Not a bad deal for $12 IMO.  Transportation is the heart of the city. – these’s are always liquid, and this one might actually have a meaning —- it could be a shortener for,,,, (NSFW),,, or many more — those are all live websites, and ZFBot lists 316 registered domains that start with K9F.   You know now you know someone only eats Organic?  You don’t need to know, they’ll tell you within 5 minutes.  Only one bidder  I always say if the name sounds like a good wine then it’s probably a good domain.  This sounds like a good wine   I guess this one applies too.  No bidders  Color Noun Dot com is worth more than $12 IMO. And 9 years old

New Domains from!  I know people buy poker tables.  You have to have chairs if you have a table….I think   People love to name their companies with the word Premier.  Makes them sound like the best.  First thing that came to mind was a personal trainer but I guess it could be any kind of training.  18 years old  I like it because it’s a cute brand.  Pretty easy logo as well  Surprisingly low amount of bidders   You know what this is if you’re an Auburn fan.  Worth having even if you’re not IMO  I don’t think I’ve ever seen 427 bidders on a Namejet auction  Has value to a car insurance company


HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?  Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain. In addition to this list I also promote a list called DomainShane’s Book of 10.  A list of 10 featured domains that is put out every Thursday on this site and at the top of If you are interested in having a name listed please contact me for price and availability.

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