SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 15th, 2013

Nov 15 2013

Yesterday was one of those great days.  A day that made up for a bunch of ho hum days during the week.  Spent a few hundred thousand on product and material for 2014 but got some great deals.  60% of business is getting a good price on your product that you intend to resell. Of course the best deal is to make it yourself which is our goal at the nursery.  But what you don’t have you need to buy.  Trees are going to be short across the nation next year because during the economic downturn ,nobody had the cash to plant out the fields like they wanted.  Now the economy is moving again and there is a gap in the crops.  Those trees that were supposed to be planted weren’t and you can’t pull them out of your butt.  I’ve been scouring the area looking for trees. Working out deals to make sure I am the person that has more and in some cases, the only, trees around.  My price will reflect my monopoly.  We’ll see how it plays out but it’s looking good.

“A woman is the only thing I am afraid of that I know will not hurt me”
-Abraham Lincoln  I’m a fan of dot cc. Normally nobody agrees with me but here they do.  I expect this to be over $6K.  Half that now  Solid domain blog name.  Especially for under $30   I just thought this was a pretty funny name.  Great email.  Good stump grinding name  I liked it as waterproof clothing and sure enough there is already a company doing it but they are called dri duck

Backorder Domains 19 years old.  Way before info about pinterest would mean anything  I’m not scared of Q.  Which reminds me that I am selling and will sell it today  Most workers favorite day.  Perfect payroll company domain.  Or your could really like the board game  Might as well get the pair  One of those 5Ls that mean nothing but a good brand.  No bidders  Some people are scared of the zero in front but you can remember zero as well as any other number   Type in top ten into the Namejet search and you’ll see a few other great Top Ten names today

Domain Of The Day  Everywhere else in the world that speaks English spells it this way. Huge potential in England and Australia. You get the bonus of

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  1. John

    Some hedge funds have been buying up tree farms like Kao Trees. There are other certain tree types that command big time prices to end users. I like this trade, especially if you can grow certain ones on your property in a greenhouse.

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