SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 25th, 2013

Oct 25 2013

Sold yet another domain yesterday.   Stepable, a dot com, for $1300.  A few weeks ago I said that I had been quoting big bucks for my domains and hadn’t sold a one,  so I started knocking my quotes down to $2500 or so for many of the names.  Now I’m bringing in a little cash. These lower quotes are names that I either hand regged or paid under $250 within the last few years.  Yes I’m not getting $5K plus but I’ve sold four names for $6500 and now I can put that into a higher end name. The great part of the transactions is the fact they are great names for the use of the buyers.  They are getting a name for a relatively small marketing cost and I’m making money.  Everybody wins.  Here are today’s names  Surf brand extraordinaire.  My brand would be called “Fall Down”  I’m guessing this came from the same expired portfolio  I think all phones are pocket phones but since it has no bidders and is 13 years old it was probably cool back then   No bidders.  Decent domain blog name  Not sure how the affiliate program for scooters are  Caught my eye because it isn’t catching the eye of anyone else.  I think the letters are pretty good

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)   Sounds like a nice organization…..if you like to ride  Brides spend a shitload of money    I’m thinking cars but others might think snakes, birds, reptiles, and other things that can escape in your house  Has an X but still will do well  As opposed to an old fashioned thinker like Buffet  Don’t act like you don’t like them.  Don’t act like you don’t go see them by yourself on Tuesdays The worst gambling name EVER  No bidders. I like it as an Internet tool or app  Great  I can see a food company using this as a marketing name.  No bidders

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  1. Joe Mahoney

    Hey Shane, great blog. I just started buying domains this year. In your experience, how long does it take you to sell a domain? What’s your biggest sale?

    I’m sure if I continue to read your blog I will find this information, however I figured that I would reach out to the mastermind himself.

    Thanks Shane.

  2. HowieCrosby

    Hi Shane, re. “ Has an X but still will do well” I personally like the x, but is there something in domaining about “x’s” Cheers, Howie.

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