SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 16th, 2013

Dec 16 2013

This weekend was one of the craziest weekends in while.  As I said a few days ago I took my nephew to Vegas for his 21st birthday.  OF COURSE while I’m away we get a snowstorm and get 10″ of snow.  It looked clear when I booked it.  Then they moved the forecast to 2-4″ and like usual, they were completely off and we get 10″.  We added snow plowing to our business a few years ago and have built up a good fleet of equipment and trucks and do some large shopping centers now but the first snow is always hard.  Learning the properties, the owners,  and the flow of traffic.  Long story short, the company made great money while I was away but when the owner is away little details seemed to get missed.  It doesn’t help they all worked 17 hours and it was the first snow. So last night,  I literally got off the plane, drove to the nursery, hopped in a truck and worked for the next 10 hours salting and plowing.  A few people saw me and said “I thought you were in Vegas?”  I told them I was and it sure is nice having a private jet.  Seeing how they had just talked to me  7 hours earlier and I was in Vegas then they weren’t quite sure if I was telling the truth or not.    Here are today’s names.   Nothing bigger in the news than health coverage and this is one of few dot us that works perfect with the keywords.  Cheap at press time at just $10  Pretty sure this has come up for auction before but couldn’t find any results.  Fails the radio test but passes the short test and the “is it a symbol for a stock trading symbol that represents White Metals Basket Trust?” test  The dot nets have been beat down but it may also represent a chance to get some solid names at a deal.  This name is wak.  Which can be cool or uncool depending on the use.  I’ve had great success selling names with the work tap and touch in the name.  If you think Tennessee is nice you should see it in HD   No bidders at $28  One bidder at $28 at press time  Good letters and a good buy under $50 IMO  A term for the Chinese characters.  So Chinese so just buy it

New Domains from!     I’m not sure of the use on this one but I like the thought of going back in time  If you believe in dot co then you have to like this one   Same here but much cheaper to get to for me   Every person owns at least one pair.  If you’re like me you own five but no two hands match  18 year old  Because do we really want to clean ourselves with chemicals?  I don’t care but some do.  I just don’t want to stink.  18 years old   This is going to cost you a clams  A PR4.  Unfortunately I only think of the downward spiral.  16 years old  All good letters.  15 years old  A lot of great LLLL.coms today  People do like these and they’re very liquid.  That’s good enough for me  And another   I liked it as a dog site.  Already one company that thought the same thing  I think we’ve seen all 10,000 of these come up for sale at one point or another   Its what a fox says  $6 will get you a nice Christms present  Great keyword for $69 IMO  Mods are big bucks.  And it doesn’t even matter what you’re modifying  I love the names and I love trucks so naturally I like this one    Can’t do it without them  Good name for traffic analysis site


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