SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 2nd, 2013

Dec 02 2013

Yesterday I received an email from DomainNameSales reminding me that it’s a great time to buy as many domain sellers are trying to reach sales numbers for the year.  I had previously put in an inquiry to DNS name.  Part to see the price, part to see how they handled inquiries.  I think the email was a great idea.  No prices, simply a reminder that you once had an interest and perhaps we would now take a lower offer.   Here are today’s names.  18 years old. PR 4.  31 million Google results.  Mostly because it’s a name  X is not the best for an acronym but the LLL.coms with X seem to do just fine  I don’t know why but I LOVE LLLL.coms that have two vowels in the middle  At $25K and easily worth more IMO  I’m sure not what you’re going to remove but I imagine it will be something bad.  Only 1 bid  Illinois has had a huge influx of new business registrations regarding the vapor/e-cigarette business.  Yeah, I look through all the new registrations  I always think University when I see LLLL.coms end in U but they would use .edu.  Regardless, they seem to sell well  3rd book in the Hunger Games series and the next two movies  A type of edge but would make a great brand  Under $500 doesn’t seem like too bad of a price

Renewal Code:  Good for $8.49 domain renewal and $3.99 privacy. Has worked for a while and still works.  Also good for $7.50 dot org renewal
gdbb776  Everyone wants cash.  Scared to think what you’re gonna have to do to get it when this eventually gets built out  Used to be called a tutor  No bids.  I know lots of sites that need fixin’  Thinking of changing the name of my company to this.  Short and memorable  243 bidders can’t be wrong   Ends in 4 so my guess on final price is $2800  A city in China and my advice would be any city in china dot com


Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain.  In addition to this list I also promote a list called DomainShane’s Book of 10.  A list of 10 featured domains that is put out every Thursday on this site and at the top of  If you are interested in having a name listed  please contact me for price and availability.

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