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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 17th

One more week until a vacation and boy do I need it.  It seems every year the business expands a little more and the hours expand with it.  Next thing you know you’re working 7:30 to 6:30 even in December.  Not complaining just looking forward to not doing it for a week.  I’ve decided I’ll put up an inspirational quote each day starting today.  Have a nice day.

“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”- George Burns I was thinking that this was already at $1000 because it was a typo of emails but……. this one is over $1000 as well. Who knew the online beauty service industry was so hot. The hotel of the same name is what’s driving this price 9 years old and NO bidders. Not a bad brand for $12 A real PR 5 for under $100 and perfect if you are trying to build sports related sites. 6.2K back links

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration! A decent for under $20 is a good buy. Could sell for $80 on Flippa and make a little beer money Hasn’t met reserve at $10K and bids are in $5 increments so this auction may end in June. Worth the wait This is one of those liquid domains that is increasing in value every month. The seem to be the best of the group. IMO this could hit $900 This show how much I know. I think the zero and 0 are confusing but this CCC is still flying despite I wouldn’t be surprised to see $20K here  A Chinese religion.  Investing in Chinese names is a wise decision IMO  C for corporation.  1996 birthday and all good letters  As good of a as there is out there  Nice brand with NO bidders  Lots of door supply companies to sell this name to     Doesn’t pass the radio test but passes the name that describes a moaning sound test  No Bidders.  Two hot words. Data and Trending  Buy one Get Ones  Solid letters here as well  My SEO plan is just to keep writing and eventually Google will realize how awesome my sites are I thought I was going to come in and steal this one. Those days are probably over.  An Irish wall or an acronym.   Irish walls aren’t selling like they used to so I’d go with the acronym I don’t know why I like this one……but I do

May your site be Merry & Bright! $5.99 .COM plus free Privacy from!

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  1. Regarding,

    “Ganet” means “Paradise of” in Arabic.

    “Sinai” is the triangle between Red Sea two gulfs (Suez and Aqaba) in Egypt.

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