SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 31st

Dec 31 2012

Well ladies, we made it.  Made it through another year.  I capped off the year yesterday by buying Groupons like they were crack (saving $700) and finished by winning my Fantasy Football league for a cool $1600.  That’s how you end a year.   I’m still happily married, my teenage daughter likes me 50% of the time, and all my businesses had record sales.  Mission accomplished. I’m going to take it all in today, do absolutely nothing (maybe a party tonight and a little snow removal),  and start it all over again Tuesday.  Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve.  Here are the names and the quote.

“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to”  -Bill Vaughn Ends real early this morning if you want it 16 year old that should do well. I see “after hours” when I see it. I’ll be bidding on this one Another 16 year old name. This will be the only time you won’t go to jail for paying for two 16 year olds I would think that this 12 year old name would be worth $12 Liquid CCC.coms have been the big mover of 2012 and I think they continue to grow in 2013 I have to admit I like Kobe. I spend a few hundred a year on it as a special treat to myself. Maybe I’ll buy the domain and anything I make on it I’ll put into meat Under $200 seems fair to me   Sell spots to girls that aren’t pretty enough to be models but think they are.  There are millions of them out there. 12 years old  Worth $69.  Even with the dot net  Can’t think of a use for this one but pretty sure it’s has value  Look it up.  It’s a keeper.  Invest in China $15K (IMO) going for $11k


It’s a BIG Deal! 99¢* .COM from!


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