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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 23rd

Yesterday I have a donation to the WaterSchool.  I gave for three reasons.  One, it’s a great cause.  There are a lot of great causes but you have to pick and choose and I chose this because of the reason 2 and 3.  Two, Richard Lau is a great guy.  He’s one of the top domain investors in the world yet has always been nothing but kind to me (Greg McNair has never even acknowledged my presence but that doesn’t make him a bad guy or his foundation just pointing out I don’t know him, just OF him).  And reason three.  It’s a foundation run by other domain investors and have provide many of us with great events to meet other domain investors.  It’s the least I can do to give a little back.  If you’d like to do the same please go HERE and donate.  If you don’t feel like it email me and I’ll give you my paypal so you can just give me some money. I’m my second choice of charities.  Now onto the names and the daily quote.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”  -Aristotle No bidders. Good marketing name for an oil company and only $12 at press time. 13 years old As good as TechCrunch and cheap. 13 years old Really surprised to see this under $50 last night. Double checked to see if there was an extra N or something. Sounds pretty tough to me. Already at $250 plus Yet another coming through Godaddy. Most don’t meet reserve but you never know And another

Smoking Hot Savings! $2.95 .COM from!  I have a bar in my basement.  I think I’ll buy this and write a blog about it  If you haven’t been to Windsurf mecca, Hood River, in Oregon, you need to go.  Cool surfer town in the middle of the mountains.  16 years old domain  Not as cool as windsurfing but still a user base  Now we’re back to cool    Theme?  Now I sound like the guys with shitty acronym names trying to make up some sound for them   No bidders. If you have a kid you know that there is a huge market for used instruments.   Hard to turn on the radio without hearing rap in every song  A whole site of totaled cars.  Awesome  Deleting and and awesome fashion name.   And fashion names are flying right now  A nice


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