SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 1st, 2013

Sep 01 2013

10 Years ago someone came into the nursery and like most customers we got to chatting. I got to telling him I was trying to lose a little weight and was running a few miles a day. He said if I ever wanted to run, every Saturday morning there was a group of guys that ran 10 miles. For the next few months that became my goal. To try and run that ten miles with those guys. Eventually I did. And ten years later I still run with most of those guys. I lost 50 pounds that year and it changed my life. It is not a coincidence that everything improved for me. I had so much more energy that I started blogging at night. I made money blogging which I put into domains. I have run and worked online every day since. I now run 10 miles EVERY day and make enough money online to do everything I’ve ever wanted. That guy came into the nursery today. I am still friends with him but when he came to the counter I had a flashback and almost came to tears. That one conversation changed my life and I had really never told him how much his simple act of asking me to join him had meant to me. Yes the ten years of hard work was an important part of the journey but I didn’t forget how it started. Here are today’s names.

“Sometimes you don’t know when you’re taking the first step through a door until you’re already inside.” -Amy Voskamp Can’t think a much better name if you’re trying to help find a loan. I actually thought it would be more than this There haven’t been a ton of good LLLL.coms this last few weeks but this one is solid Another good LLLL. I don’t like it as much at rgto but the general public disagrees with me according to the price. Probably the vowels. Domainers love vowels Everyone that has a credit card knows what the CVC code is. They just have no idea what it stands for

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)  A little heavy on the LLLL.coms today but I take what’s given  Lots and lots of biolabs.  And many of them have a lot of money  I really don’t know what a bag cover is but it’s short and probably is something and there are no bidders  Would make an excellent brand.  Surprised if it goes under $2K  I like Tapas, not sure how it translates online

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  1. Francois

    It’s crazy these insignificant events that can literally change your life. If one was able to detect when a moment is one of these, that the decision one will take now will affect your future in a big way…

    Thanks for blogging.

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