SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 16th and Weekly Preview

Dec 16 2012

I can’t believe how fast these Sundays keep popping up. Local and online shopping all day today and a reminder that you probably need to do some yourself, especially if you need something shipped.  So there.  Even if you don’t find a name you still got something positive out of visiting the site.  Your relatives will thank me.  Have a nice day and here’s today’s names.  Popular last name down south.   I knew a cute girl with this last name which makes it more appealing for me but if I bought it for her it might come across as a little creepy. Great that seems to be a band I’ve never heard of. I’m thinking Brand not Band is a terrible domain to waste  Something we’re all looking forward to.  13 years old  A for Association.  I say it a lot but everyone needs a reminder. Rolls off the tongue.  Kind of like “easy peasy ”

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration!  There are a lot of shitty LLLL.coms on the board today with NO bids but this is one of the better ones.  This one isn’t too bad either for $69  And one last name  Sketch comedy is a type of tv show so to me this would be a natural fit with the tld.  Nobody agrees. No bidders  Another one of those CCC.coms with a zero that seem to do great  High paying keywords and NO bidders  Almost forgot this one  Not saying this one has much value but love the shortness and “webbish” sound to it. No bidders and 9 years old  Two keywords for one low price. I don’t do cut flowers or I would take it.  Haven’t been one in 20 years but heard they are important The Cosmos were my favorite team growing up.

Top 10 Upcoming Names in the Next Few Weeks  One of the best names in a long while.  If you could get the seating charts of every stadium (some companies are already doing this) and then feed it into a ticket system you are a rich man  Every basement is required to have one  All families have thousands of them until your kids hit 8 and then there’s a gap until High School Graduation.  Starts in 4 but finishes strong with an 8  Another Asian name that is going to hit big bucks. A great investment  If only people knew how to spell it  Huge name.  We pay more per night to house our dogs than we spend on our own hotels   Everyone loves food and most are obese.  Guide them  Lots of possibilities with this  Another high priced  Get in and watch the money flow

May your site be Merry & Bright! $5.99 .COM plus free Privacy from!

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