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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 28th

I’ve been wiring so much money lately that I’m pretty sure they are going to fill out a suspicious account form at the bank.  I’m building a portfolio of CVCV with matching vowels.  If anyone has some for sale at reseller pricing shoot me an email.  Note I said reseller so please no $10K prices 🙂  .  Here are today’s names and the daily quote

“Build a ship before you burn a bridge”  -Unknown No bidders.  Good call to action domain.  Makes me want to take on debt  We may have fax around for a while but it’s probably going to be virtual fax for most.  Where someone send from a fax but it goes to your email.  Good name for that service  No bidders.  Sounds so peaceful.  11 years old  Not just pretty looking.  I think it’s worth $200-250

$3.99 .COM and Free Private Registration from!  Hoping I could get this one cheap but 72 other bidders are in my way.  Of course 64 of them are lurkers  Dow Jones is going to buy this from you.  If not you could always call Doug Johnson   You’re thinking telephone but this is going to be valuable when the Apple Tv and copycats come out.  Television banking  Hunters get a certain number of deer tags for hunting season.  That’s all I got.  But it’s cheap  You always see people touting loans for people with no credit history.  This would make a good marketing name .  No bidders  Has met reserve and great age.   A steal under $2K IMO Multiplay Game Servers are only going to get more popular. Big Boy name. 17 years old  Will do well for the simple reason its a  Has a Z but nobody cares because its a  One of my favorite years.  That Tuscarora war was pretty brutal though   Not sure if “LY” names are still popular but I like them  Easy to remember, easy logo


Here is a code that’s good for $2.95 transfer or new registration  gtnggrow01

$1/mo hosting with free domain from Go Daddy!

Domain Spotlight:

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