SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 8th, 2013

Jul 09 2013

I now understand why Jason Thompson went with dot co.  There are just some domains that you aren’t and shouldn’t be able to buy.  His name dot com is one of them.  I can imagine he went to see who owned it and……..  After you pay your respects here are today’s names.

“You get credit for what you finished, not what you started ” -? We’ll get the out of the way first Good upgrade for a few sites and businesses I love seeing how high this is going for. CVCV with repeating vowels have been doing very well. This is a beauty A few products that would benefit from this domain. Only One bidder at $10 at press time There will be one down the road. Right now the tax is your health Nice pronounceable   Ends today. Again, a nice dot info ends very early this morning

Featured Offer – $2.99 .coms now at GoDaddy! Now through 7/9/2013!  1991 domain.  Don’t see a lot of 22 year old LLLL.coms up for sale very often  Pretty sure people get married and have events in Seattle  I laughed when I saw how many bidders this already had.  Looks like the fat tax is a guarantee  Another nice numeric from Namejet  People spend/waste a lot of money on stuff for tailgates.  And man are they fun  You’re one “i” away from a problem


$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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