SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 10th, 2013

Sep 10 2013

Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday to to the Austism Walk for the family of Alan Dunn. We guestimated that over $1000 came from readers of the blog and over $7000 in total from those in the industry. Absolutely amazing and again thank you. Here are today’s names

“I didn’t have an MBA. I had a PhD. I was poor, hungry and determined.” – Richard Montanez  Closes today. Think how much money could be made with a telephone review site One of my favorite NNNN.coms this month. Easy to type and remember. Other than that I’m not sure why, I just like it Could be an apartment directory or guide. No bidders For some crazy ass reason people want to spend half their annual income on a one day event that will inevitbly include the Electric Slide and The Chicken Dance Excited to see that a with even a Z and a V goes for over $4K Also known as a buffalo. Would make a great brand

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Namejet list coming later this morning  Good marketing name.  16 years old.  “Have a good Hairday”  M for management.  15 years old  aka weed healing.  I prefer the rest and liquids method myself  Yeah, it’s a thing.  Evidently women wrap their babies to their chest and go into the water.  I wonder how they keep their underarm hair out of the babies eyes. No bidders  Any that ends in NY has some value   Ha!!  Own this domain and you’ll be one  Kind of the anti vegan domain.  And I do.  I eat dead animals every day


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