SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 6th, 2013

Nov 06 2013

I didn’t see any domains I liked yesterday at the auctions so I decided to daytrade a little options yesterday to make some money.  I saw that Tesla Motors was moving all over the board place yesterday so I sat and watched early.  The stock flew out of the gate and was up.  One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not how you do, it’s how you do against expectations.  I bought puts early and watched the stock fall 5 points.  I was pretty sure they weren’t going to hit earnings but as I thought about it most of the day I decided I didn’t want to gamble on earnings so I took my profits and risk off the board.  Of course they missed and the stock dropped 20.   This pretty much shows how I operate.  Until I get a big bank roll I trade guaranteed profits for high risk, high reward.  Once I have a little extra money I gamble a little more but in both domaining and my trading account I’m not there.  I’m almost there and a couple more months like October of trading and selling domains and I’ll be there.  Here are today’s names.  Surprised how low this is 24 hours out but I’m sure it will go much higher  The initial bid is $1500 and it already has a bid.   I think it actually may be worth that or more  No bids, 12 years old, and the description of many of the blogs I read  Sales or leads.  The two ways to make money on the Internet  No bidders. You can be the newest Snopes. 9 years old  Pretty good marketing name for $12

Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!   In hindsite I kind of wish I went into real estate.  I think I could have done a pretty good job at it but now I want to be the buyer not the seller  All good letters.  Some don’t like the F but there are plenty of words it can stand for  I figure someone with the last name will eventually want it.  One other bidder agrees  The DWI part should give it a little more value

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Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!

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  1. John

    The beauty of weekly options is that you don’t need a large bankroll to make a lot. In fact, you’ll end up doing more damage to yourself with more cash. Play on fridays only if you want bigtime bang for your buck with known/limited downside risk.

  2. stu

    Honestly Shane you make sometimes you are literally working class when in reality you are probably a millionaire 😉

  3. RJ

    With TSLA it’s like taking money from a baby. Why? Elon musk himself tells you when to buy and sell! He tweeted earlier this year that shorts better exit around $70? that they were going to turn a profit. Stock gave you weeks of gains after. Recently pre-earnings he said the stock was overvalued. I missed much of the run up but I bout puts as soon as he said the stock was overvalued. Now up 400% on about 10% of my portfolio. Exiting in a staggered manner starting at 150.

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