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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 28th

Lots of adult names going off at Namejet today but I just can’t have names like and worse on the list.  If that’s your thang, and for many it is, there are some strong names.  Otherwise here are the family names.  Actually that’s not true, it gets a little risque towards the bottom. Enjoy the day and the names.  I’m not sure most people can spell embarrassment.  Two Rs and Ss A Real PR3 in the Music genre would be worth at least $100 for linking ability alone IMO. 17 years old No bidders. Not tremendously valuable but short and easy to remember The Boy term is pretty popular. This boy and that boy. I grew up down south and it’s not polite to call someone boy. That is unless he really is a young boy Everybody loves cash. Except the government The LLLL.coms have been scarce this week compared to normal. This one is a real PR4 so it will go for more than normal. 12 years old A perfect concept for a site. Daily tips on anything. I thought I was going to steal this one but a few people already found it As a man that lives close to an Amish town I know the value of this name. I guess you don’t need to live close to an Amish town. Please visit my site Amish Christmas Lights Three great letters means four digits Really surprised this has NO Bidders  No bidders. Can’t afford then this is a good option for $69.  This has a TON of value in Bangkok. The rest of the world? Not so much  This actually has some value.  Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas so I’m surprised it has no bidders  Another nice   This one is dropping so you may want to put your name in at multiple places    You’re going to get typos and you know it.  But does Apple care?  Bound to be a product if it’s not already


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  1. had no bidders because prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas (Clark County)

    But now I as I type this I see there are 6 bidders who are unaware of the law as well, lol.

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