SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 3rd

Apr 03 2013

And the award for the shortest list every goes to………  Wow! there is a lot of nothing on the wire today.  I am going to have to write an actual article to make up for it.  Take 3 minutes, peruse, and enjoy the daily quote.

In my 6 years of scanning expiring domain name lists I’ve found that only 7-12% of all names that expire mean anything to more than one person“  Frank Schilling  There are a ton of concrete installers and sellers across the world.  For under $25 this would be an easy flip IMO.  13 years old and DMOZ listed 4.3K backlinks and a PR3.  12 years old.  Joke sites gets tons a traffic but tough to monetize Easy to remember and pretty good letters…..and it rhymes (I’m high bid at press time)   Several businesses named this and So Cal does have style  No bidders.  Dot org works for me.  $14 CPC with 3500 plus   searches. If you believe in exact match you have to like this one for under $15. Dot net available as well

$3.99 .COM and Free Private Registration from!    Sounds so official with the dot org  Golf is in a downward trend but it will make a comeback at some point.  Shows how bad the list is today.  Good but top bid getter?


Here is a code that’s good for $2.95 transfer or new registration  gtnggrow01

$1/mo hosting with free domain from Go Daddy!

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  1. Eugene

    Hi Shane,

    doesn’t the whole deal around ‘exact match’ domains end by google several months (6+) ago? I also recall there was also a huge non-renew drop of them back then.


  2. DoktorThomas™

    It’s not workmans comp anymore.

    If people would ignore Google antics, Google would have to conform to actual use. Google makes its money by getting people to the address they want, not by ignoring that. In some ways, some times, being invisible to Google is a valuable attribute that can’t be purchased.

  3. Mike

    Brandable domains is where the money is. I’ll drop big money on a nice aged brandable domain. They are easy to flip. Exact match domains are something that I haven’t quite figured out yet. For example, I own the lenghty domain ‘HowToCookaHam’, this name recieves incredible traffic right before US Thanksgiving, before Canadian Thanksgiving, before Xmas and before Easter. Thousands of type-in hits. But who the hell would want to buy a lenghty name like that?

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