SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 5th

Sep 05 2012

Had my fantasy football draft last night and per usual, went with Charles Johnson of Detroit first (I was 11th of 12 in the first round).  Also got Julio Jones and Matt Ryan .  A hodge podge of running backs including Doug Martin, Darren Sproles, Beanie Wells and Reggie Bush .  You can see I don’t really care for high pick running backs. They used to be the key to winning but now the offenses are so wide open that a great quarterback and two stud receivers can carry you through.  I’ve made the playoffs ever year (only two years in this league) so I’ll stick with it.  Now on to today’s names.  Sounds like a city but its not.  Plenty of companies with this name that would love to have this name to improve their present url.  16 years old Gets 2000 uniques a month according to Godaddy……..yeah I don’t believe them either which isn’t nearly as valuable as CVCV.coms.  A type of software or just a nice 16 year old acronym  Online will soon be the only place you can smoke  I figured more people would be on this one just because it’s a pretty  Only one bidder on this 12 year old domain  I like this 10 year old name.  But nobody else does.  No bidders  I don’t think this necessarily goes with the tv ending but would think that any ending would have this worth $69.  No bidders  I feel like I signed up for this ad filler back in the 2000s.  That’s how good of a brand this could be  This has come up for auction a few times.  Hopefully this time it will sell.  Great name For $12 this isn’t a bad buy. If you’ve gone in for a loan lately you know how slow it can be. This would make a nice slogan for a bank wanting to attract business.  HUGE keywords.  I think windshield repair would be where the action is on this one  Remember what I said about creative names.  They are like cloud names but a lower price. They always seem to sell Pretty sure there are mountains to climb in China. No bidders so only $12. Will let you save money to buy cool climbing gear to wear when you do climb China  I thought Morgan would like this Sounds like spam mail but bidding is HIGH, very high This one may end up as a top price for September. Even higher than MailBot Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

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  1. Michael

    I just registered

    hahaha. is my favorite name on this list actually looking forward. BIG name and keyword search volume on this puppy is going to go wayyy up. Definitely a Morgan name or a silicon valley investor.

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