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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Spring is here. Something crazy happened to our POS system at work. All of a sudden our system started getting slower and slower. We weren’t hacked. Its a closed system. But it got to the point where it would take 5 minutes to check out a customer. We’d get the circle of death. We noticed that if you searched for customer or payment type it just stopped. We optimized, scanned for issues. Everything. Even had our database checked by software company that made the program. Nothing. They told us that we had too many product categories. Even though we culled the system down from last year. And the file size was half the size of last year because we were on a new year and purged last year’s sales. So we came up with a workaround. We would start a transaction and then make it pend. When we came back to it the thing ran fine. Just had to set up hundreds of orders. It was a pain in the ass but it was the only way to even make it work in a reasonable manner.

To try and find the error we dumped all the transaction in January, Feb, and March. It ran like a champ. So we knew the error was in there. The we dumped only January. It ran fine. So we looked through the files in the slowest month and found our bookkeeper had canceled out a debt owed from two years ago to get it off the books. Our system didn’t know how to handle it so it handcuffed the whole program. Unfortunately our bookkeeper has zero memory. Has to write everything down in a book because she has trouble remembering things. Says its because she has so much on her mind but its really because she has trouble remembering things and its worse every year. She does a good job but this was an example of the trouble it can cause. She knew it was a questionable accounting move and meant to ask someone but forgot. Which led to a month of hours and hours of people trying to fix a problem. The only positive is when it was fixed we all felt like we had a new accounting system and were so happy. Was a pretty good feeling so I’ll remember that feeling rather than be mad that it happened,

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Quote of the Day: “When someone falls in love with your flowers and not your roots, they don’t know what to do when winter comes”-anonymous

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