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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, August 18th, 2023

I get why people take drugs. They save lives. I take synthroid every day because I don’t have a thyroid that works. Without that drug I would be 50lbs heavier and extremely tired all day. So when someone says they can’t lose weight because of a certain disease or illness I know they aren’t wrong but I also know there is a 99% chance there is something that can help.

Exercising as an action sucks. You get tired, you are sore, you often lose sleep because the only time to do it is in the morning or at night. Yet you should do it. The rewards eventually will overcome the effort. It just takes a while and most people can’t get through that while. All that being said there are low-effort things people don’t do. Walking. A walk in the morning and taking in the first day’s light is 100% proven to improve mental health and burn calories and help digest food. It’s why families for centuries have taken walks after the evening meal. Its in our DNA to do this because of the aid in digestion. Most don’t, most are becoming more obese.

Then comes Ozempic. The peptide relaxes the stomach and takes our hunger pains away. No hunger lose weight. Do you know what else takes the hunger away? Reducing sugars, reducing carbohydrates, exercise, a healthy diet. The carnivore diet works not because of calorie reduction in their meals, it’s actually higher. What it does is fill you up so you don’t eat the other 1000 calories in snacks that you used to eat between meals. But Ozempic is easier and they want their health insurance to pay for it. Fortunately, health insurance plans are saying no. Everyone in our group is not paying for your weight loss. In order for us to pay it you have to get heavy enough and get yourself a case of Type 2 diabetes and then you can have it. The way it’s going that shouldn’t be an issue for most

Domain of the Day: under $1000 is a steal IMO

Quote of the Day: “In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up.”Rich Froning Jr., 4-time CrossFit Games champion

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Build a site with all the hottest clubs and who’s playing Another solid buildout name. The money is in the sportsbook affiliate revenue Sounds like a negative name but a great name for dog training Interesting name. Most women over 50 take it. Billion dollar market Closes today. Is a bank in the tld and taken in many different tlds as well. Even dot pet makes first page Also closing today. Great letters. A for association Not a lot of travel agencies left but this would be a good one for one of the few left . Quality Travel L for Louisville or League 100% there are people that specialize in this Sell your picks. If you’re a CPA that specializes in Farm taxes Perfect ending for the domain Who doesn’t like succeeding

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Godaddy Domains With Bids Website of the former US Senator and everyone wants those dot gov links Protein powder is a 100 million dollar business and half of it sits in the cupboard never used like mine Your assumptions were right because of the price. This used to be a casino Going to take a build out to monetize. Every company needs workers right now The sleep business is a business I want to be in The reverse of both of these would be six figure names IMO Some will cringe at the use of the word Journey but it’s a travel site all the way so if you need travel backlinks Meta everything but should it be Drinky? 4 star name on a one star tld If it just had an S Dr. Pepper should own this one PR management service for athletes Marketing name for sweets seller really good coffee brand under $100 Haul products? then haula This might be the steal of the list. A safari can cost 10K. Dot net discount Under $50, taken in 60 extensions Going to be hard to use this one without infringing You know I like this. It would be the most confusing email ever

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

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