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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, July 29th, 2022

This picture has so much going on. I sent an Amazon package to my daughter and this is the email that I got saying that it was successfully delivered .  I get these all the time and generally never look twice, but this one had me asking a few questions.

1. Why is there a toilet outside on the front porch? 

I actually know the answer. The toilet was replaced by the landlord LAST WINTER and its still sitting there.  Only in college would 5 tenants have a toilet sitting at their front door for 7 months and really show no concern or embarrassment about its location at the front door for everyone to see.

2. Why has the landlord not picked it up or disposed of it?

My guess is they probably have no idea.  See above.  Nobody at the house, including my daughter, has told them the repair people left it on the porch. Maybe they do know about it but forgot because again, nobody cares. 

3. Is that a coffee mug and has that toilet become a seat?
I know for a fact they use it to sit and tie their shoes.  The house is full of college runners.  They switch to running shoes all the time and the new “seat” out front seems to be the perfect height to put on shoes.  Another reason it hasn’t been a priority to have it removed.  What do runners do before they head out for a run?  Yep, a nice cup of coffee.  I don’t think they necessarily take in a nice cup of coffee from the front porch toilet but no doubt they have placed way more than a cup on this thing. 

Has anyone used this thing thinking it works?  

I don’t even want to know and I definitely am not going to ask.  I don’t want to put any ideas into those not fully formed frontal lobes.  

Do you think the Amazon person got a chuckle out of this pic like me?
Guaranteed he’s seen way worse, way funnier,  things on the front porch of college housing.  Just another day for that guy/girl

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Its a good name for an IPA so its a good brand I’m long all LLL.orgs. I think they present value No reserve from SnapNames. Love the name for a tutor. Taken in 20 plus extensions With all the mattress places this one is perfect for having a memorable name. Gonna get it cheap too…..maybe Male version of HouseWife This one is going to sell if the reserve is under 20K IMO Great letters, ends in C, no reserve. All green lights

Eth.Asia Eth dot anything Ironically you’re getting a little rent when you buy this. Got $17 in parking so far I’ll take the keyword and the bad tld We still doing vc names? Based on price the answer is yes I think people will like this one. Work together perfectly

Godaddy Domains With Bids Vietnam is becoming one of the hottest travel destinations Yeah, this is not going to work out well for people that buy in . The domain is nice though Taken in 29 extensions. Pretty broad but with 29 taken its obviously not too broad Not often you get a whole continent for one low price Or a month Sounds like a holding company for a bunch of different clothing brands Some kind of toy comes to mind first Good keyword but extension is almost dead Reminds me of a name of a vacation home where they name it and put the URL on the sign out front That’s been me on several projects. The one holding the bag Prefer it without the ing but 1999 domain and it still gets it done Good letters but only taken in 5 extensions 29 year old name. Can learn a lot in 29 years We know the goals right there in the domain

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