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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, July 4th, 2022

My Grandmother passed a few days ago. I don’t say this searching for I’m sorrys and my thoughts are with yous. I share it because her life is the life you hope for. All 95 years with a mind full of thoughts and the ability to relay them. Sharing her memories and smiles fully coherent until the last few weeks. Sure she slowed up, could barely walk, and suffered from what old age hands you, but she filled out a full life as well as can be done. I didn’t see my Grandmother very often but my Mom lived with her the last decade plus to help her in her later years. Sharing every single minute and there was not one day they didn’t speak. Were as close at a Mom and daughter can be. So its harder for my Mom. But I assured her that like Grandma, she got the full experience. She had zero regrets at the end. They did and saw and talked about everything there was to cover. They did it right. So her death is not sadness but celebration of a life well lived. 100% we are going to miss her. She was Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and Great Grandma to dozens. She was a part of so many lives. And she will continue to be part of all of our lives.

One of the gifts my Grandmother gave me is something that served me well. She always put the relationship of her and her husband before the kids. The kids took it a little rough but she always felt that the kids would come and go. She wanted Grandpa and her bond to be strong so that when the kids did leave they knew each other as a couple and not just as parents. Turns out that is the biggest cause of divorce. When the kids leave the parents don’t have the thing that kept the bond. They look at each other and realize the person they loved is a different person. She never lost that person. Sometimes the kids felt it but there was plenty of love to go around, she just made sure Grandpa Joe had as much as her beautiful kids. The other thing that I always remember is a letter she wrote to my Mother. My Mom gave me a box of letters that my Dad and my Grandparents wrote to her in college. She was getting a divorce from my Father and wanted me to keep them safe because her anger at the time might lead to getting rid of memories I might want to have. I have never read those letters. I’m not ready. But I did read the top one. My Mom met my Dad and college and my Dad had come out of the service to go back to school and was quite a bit older. My Grandparents were not a fan of this older man. So this letter essentially said that in many more words. But a few words stood out to me. “Nothing good will come from this relationship”. I begged to differ. I came out of that relationship. So I told Grandma she was right about my Dad. He wasn’t good for my Mom. BUT…..some great things came out of it. 3 great kids.

I’ll miss my Grandmother but my current feelings are for my Mom. I know how much she’ll miss her since she’s always been with her. The positive is my Mom is going to move to my town now. She no longer has to take care of my Grandma and has some freedom. She can now do whatever she wants and its my turn to make sure she has some incredible last decades. She also gets to sell a California home and buy an Illinois home which should work out well. While I hate to lose a Grandmother I sure am glad to be getting my Mom close. And not just because I need someone to watch Franklin

Domain of the Day: VERY popular last name, thus all the bids

Quote of the Day: “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” -Albert Einstein

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Getting some great bids. Need to check this out Exudes custom made, hand crafted. 1996 Birthday Pronounceable word but had no idea what it meant so I had to look it up. Nothing came up but lots of companies and products using the name which is a good thing. No reserve 25 years old and taken in 30 extensions A bunch of this type of dot net expiring today. someone finally gave up with the dot nets I’ll take this for $79. No reserve Dot org works well with politics Only 18 bidders and also no reserve We all know which Snoop comes to mind first Not taken in many extensions but cheap enough this works So tight they don’t know you’re wearing anything . Only one bid At $100 easily the best buy on the Sedo auction list Never heard of dot ar but I have heard of games Makes $26 in parking Been a while since I’ve seen a name make $1200 in parking and verified

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the GD board today. Didn’t know what they are but its those little notes you leave on the computer that motivate you. In my case they just say call someone back or don’t forget to buy X Getting no love because of the 4. Definitely does’t deserve to be worth less than the dot eth counterpart This is worth talking about sounds like a startup These have been doing well at auction. Unless its a private name and then it barely sells for anything This one is fire Great letters and G for group I think the C makes this one more valuable but Godaddy doesn’t agree you bro, smoke a little of this and get some dreamage Godaddy gives this a value of $5100 good exact match for the eternally important Human Resources division The cy vs consultant saves you a lot of money Kind of an old term but there was a store in the mall called Spencers that was built around this simple concept Taken in 86 extensions so deserves 4 figure plus price IMO So many cool looking words today that I have zero idea what they mean New dating app easy You could argue the dot org is better than the dot come here Good bike company name but of course there are thousands of good bike company names to choose from Cool brand under $50 Because its local its fresh Ends in C usually gets it done

One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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  1. I was beyond close with my Grandmother, and like you who I worried about was my Mother, they were beyond close, so much so that when my grandmother turned 80 I started to prepare my Mother for my Grandmother’s eventual passing because she never thought her Mom would pass. She lived to 83.

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

    1. Thank you Raymond. It’s always hard to prepare for the end. I guess the cliche but the truth is to live each day like its important and the rest will take care of itself. Again, thanks for the thoughts

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