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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, September 23rd, 2022

I mentioned it on Twitter yesterday but I finally got my first injury from running. I tore my hamstring in half in a Domainfest soccer game a number of years ago but this was the first I got from running. I get my MRI Wednesday to figure out what it is. Most likely a small meniscus tear but could be a bone lining nick I got. Either way its not major but still hurts like a bitch without ibuprofen. The positive news is my knees show zero signs of degeneration. There was a huge amount of space between bones with fat just padding. Doctor thought that without something crazy happening will be running another 20 years without problem. Of course he said that as my knee throbbed in pain. There was one other thing though. While looking at my knee he found a mark on my thigh that he said looked bad and needed to check for melanoma. Its a spot I can’t see because of its location on the back of my leg. When I saw a picture it looked awful. It’s not an area that sees much sun but as a person that is in the sun all day I have to be super careful. Hate to die of skin cancer before I get the full lifespan of my knees.

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Didn’t even know that .town was an extension I sure do love the keyword SOL Since we’re talking about SOL I would buy my Kong chew toys here. 1996 name and taken in 47 extensions Taken in 17 extensions and registered 25 years before things went all Meta Love this as a brand name. The plant is only as good as what you cook it with Only taken in 3 extensions but I think its still a nice brand. Women’s fashion or personal care As good of letters as you’ll get in a Not a great name but very timely with my current knee issues I would 100% use this if I was a financial planner Education works perfectly with dot org . Growing every year No reserve. F for football One of the better dot devs I’ve seen at auction It gets 5200 visits a month and you know what you’re going to have to build it out to This price is nothing if you’re going to do this. Show or sell tickets to fights

Godaddy Domains With Bids I think this is going to be AI helping lease not leasing out AI 119 bids An SEO name all the way Same here but the lead gen is a little weaker Whoah!!!! look at this phat price. CCC are always worth looking at to see if you can get them cheap If it ends in C then its going home with me You know some company wants to use this as next gen wifi Not sure what you will use it for but I like the call to action Not much joy this year though Medical care all the way There’s a lot of shit in museums but let’s go with what it exudes This plays better in the UK Most are rich

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  1. I’m sending good vibes and a prayer your way. Cyger and I missed running with you at NamesCon and expect you to lead our pack at the next one (which Soeren said yesterday will be in Austin on May 31-Jun 2, 2023). Ciao.

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