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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, October 31st, 2022

A lot can be learned from a person’s T-Shirt shelf.  How is it organized? What kind of shirts are in the stacks? Do the same shirts stay towards on the top because you only work the top and never dig any deeper.  Let me tell you about mine since you’re so interested. 

I have too many.  Not just by my wife’s standards but most likely anyone’s.  I have a few contributing factors that put me in the “Shane has too many T-Shirt category”.  One, I’m a runner.  Every single race gives out a race shirt.  When you run 10 or more races a year you are going to have a lot of shirts. Add in the bigger races where I buy several.  I don’t think it’s possible to NOT buy 3 shirts at the Boston Marathon.  Work. We give out T-shirts for work and being the boss I get extra.  Side hobbies. My side hobbies are a bee company and NFT businesses.  Those both lend themselves to lots of merch as they say. 

Stacey has implemented a strict 1 in one out which means I can’t take in another shirt unless I throw one away.  “Can’t I make it a rag?”  I ask. “Nope I have plenty of rags, and don’t pretend that ratty old shirt is good enough for Goodwill”  She runs a tough shirt rack.  I have become choosy on which shirts I bring home now but I feel like that thought would be questioned by the woman that does my laundry.  Also Stacey.  Stacey has divided my rack into Work, Long Sleeve, Shirts he seems to wear a lot, and shirts he thinks he is going to wear but never does , shelves. 

Another issue I have is size. I am a Ledium. Some times I fit well in a medium and other times a large is in order.  Which means I need doubles of my favorite prints.  Again a very controversial issue. Stacey says I just need seasonal clothing due to my large weight loss in Spring.  It’s not as drastic as it used to be because I’ve decided to continue running and exercising in the winter but we’re so busy in spring its hard not to drop a size.

So let’s talk about taking off the top.  I feel like its a common problem. We have our favorite shirts and anyone gracious enough to do your laundry is not going to work shirts into the middle of the pile. They are going to put them in the easiest place to get to. Right on top.  Which causes top T-Shirt burnout. They get washed and used 10 times more often than the other shirts. I purposely grab deep in the stack to avoid this.  One thing Stacey also recommended was to put a one year section. On my shirts and things on hangars, there is a marker that represents the beginning of the year. If it is to the right of the marker it means I wore it that year. If it is to the left of the market I didn’t, and its about to go bye bye.  If its a special occasion article of clothing it gets amnesty but T-Shirts get no amnesty. They only get a 21 gun salute on the way to the trash.  Unless they never saw the light of day and those go to work to give out or Goodwill.  Last haul I am embarrassed to say was 30 plus shirts.  I think I saw tears of happiness in Stacey’s eyes as they were loaded into the car.  Goodbye Freedom Fest 5K shirt. Goodbye shirt I made on a whim at Sticker Mule.  Goodbye shirt I bought at the airport because when you visit the airport at Grand Rapids you are obliged to support the airport through shirt purchases. 

In the scope of life T-Shirts aren’t that important yet what you put on your chest says a lot.  Pride in your team. I’m a wacky person because I have a wacky shirt.  I’ve been to Myrtle Beach. So people do take their shirts seriously.  I definitely don’t take them serious but I do know that what is on them will strike up a conversation so I chose my shirt wisely. Because my Evil Knievel shirt is a little tight and loved by 50 year old men.  Not my target demographic but love the shirt.  Stacey not so much.  It’s one of the few shirts she buries so I don’t grab it.  

Quote of the Day: “Ever notice that people who have an hour to waste usually try to spend it with someone who does not?” – Bernard Meltzer

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  1. Great story Shane. I sold my house about 2 months ago. I decided before I left I would purge almost eveything except my absolute favorites. I got rid of probably 80% of my clothes. I always wore that 20% anyway. Over the past 6 years I also got rid of that much of all the other clutter I had.

    1. Tim. good move. I wrote this story for the newsletter at the nursery and dozens of replies all had places to take old shirts. I had no idea there were so many places that recycled them.

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