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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, October 6th , 2021

Baked Alaska. Considered by many to be one of the most difficult desserts in the world to make. Ice cream center with a baked outside. Too hot, ice cream melts everywhere, not hot enough, no baked. Yet when I went to see my Aunt Betty it was constantly on the menu. To the point that as a kid I assumed I could order it up anywhere. I’d go over to my friends house and ask if they had any “Baked Alaska” in the freezer. Baked Alaska exemplified my Aunt Betty. When you were at her house. You were special. No matter how much effort it took.

My Aunt was actually my Grandmothers sister but was the “cool” aunt even though she was a Great Aunt. You know the one. The one that put that dust in the fireplace to make it turn colors. That had a color tv before anyone had one. That hardwired a clicker to change the channel or mute the tv. Literally a wood box with a button. Who taught her that? Aunt Betty had seen some stuff. Serving in WWII in the capacity that they would let women serve. She was a servant of God and as a servant took her calling into the prisons every weekend for decades to read to those incarcerated. Not judging.

Aunt Betty was a Christian Scientist like her Mom. Both of whom were alive through my High School days. Never missed a birthday or a big event. Would help at any time. As positive of a person as you’d ever meet. She had to be. She was a child of a single mother who was tough because she had to be. God gave and took away a lot of love over her years but she took it all as a gift. Setting an example for me to follow whether I realized it as child. Betty lived into her nineties and my daughter got to meet and spend time with the Aunt Betty I spoke of so much. I told her don’t touch the strawberry candies in the jar because they were the same candies that were there when I was a kid 50 years ago. Literally the same candies. Not the same kind. I told my daughter that Betty had chosen God to heal rather than medicine but her and her mother had over 170 years between them so don’t discount the power of prayer.

I cherish the fact that my daughter got to meet my Aunt Betty. Because we all tell stories of our Aunt Betties. Stories that others hear and assume that over the years they’ve been embellished. No way she really made Baked Alaska that often. Did she really hardwire her television with corded boxes to mute in the 70s. Did she really never miss a day in her life to read the scripture? Was she that kind…..always. The answer was yes, yes, yes, and yes. She was someone I wanted to share and I am so happy that my wife and daughter got to meet one of the most important women in my life. I hope that everyone has an Aunt Better or you become her or him. It’s something that will stay with those you touch the rest of their lives.

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Quote of the day: You can’t discuss the ocean with a well frog – he’s limited by the space he lives in. You can’t discuss ice with a summer insect – he’s bound by a single season” – Zhuang Zhou

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction Hemp is one of the fastest growing crops in the US. Because its legal again Doesn’t have to be just weight loss Don’t do the workout thing on this one either Boost that M baby They make a lot of money and they tend to be pretty proud of what they do

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Anyone searching for an We’re all looking for domains that exude emotion. Have to say this one does and I like Not a ton of sales yet but patience should pay off here. Although the high renewal takes a lot of my patience away Not sure dot io is the greatest tld to teach people about branding but dot io has become a major play for a lot of brands Nice call to action. Should attract a lot of 40 year old women I see a clothing line here . Taken in 10 extensions No reserve. Has 31 bidders Pretty sure they need domain names in the UK You think this one will really go through 15 years old. No bidders at $79

Godaddy Domains With Bids The LED light business is a billion dollar business. Sean can tell you that Taken in 40 extensions. 1995 birthday The price of textbooks are ridiculous. The model needs to be overthrown Most bids on the board today but they’re coming for the backlinks Energy anything in domain names has pretty good value right now A bit generic but a big category Great letters. I only buy Js in 4L when they are the first letter though Is taken in 27 extensions. Had to look it up. Had a lot of extensions for something I had never heard of

That’s all I got today. Not feeling a lot of these names with bid

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      1. I registered a bunch of them a few years back and just sold them off for like $100 each before the renewal period. Maybe I should have held onto them.

  1. Interesting, posting Oct. 4 domain auctions on Oct. 6 . Kind of like posting the betting spread on Monday for Sunday’s football games to bet on!
    Just a footnote for you! 😉 LOL!

  2. My Aunt Betty was my Aunt Gin; Virginia Wolfe by marriage – yes really. She was my grandmother’s sister and she was known all over western NC for her prowess in the kitchen. I remember arriving back in Raleigh from a visit to the small town my family hails from only to hear a knock on the door from some other transplants hoping we had brought back some of her renowned coconut cake. I still remember her fondly any time I smell coconut.

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