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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, December 9th, 2021

My morning routine is pretty much that routine. 4:30 wake up with my wife. One of us takes the dog out to use the bathroom. Then we head to OUR bathrooms and the dog heads back to bed. We grab a coffee and put on our running clothes and the dog comes back down to grab a dollop of whipped cream that I am putting in my coffee. He heads back to bed. This morning went a little different. From one of the bathrooms upstairs I hear “no no no no no” in a loud panicky voice. I’m thinking what could go that wrong at 4:30. Broken toilet, dog did something bad. I walk upstairs and ask if everything is OK. Turns out my wife had picked up her gloves which had some new AirPods on them and they fell into the toilet at the exact minute it was flushing. Not before the flush, or after but during. And down they went.

She asked me if she could check the strainer. I told her that toilets don’t work that way or otherwise what I dropped in the other bathroom would definitely not have been strained. But I told her to reach her hand in there that maybe it was still there. I knew it wasn’t but I thought it was funny to watch her put hand in the toilet. I looked at the positive. Now I have something to get her for Christmas

Domain of the Day: Freight runs commerce right now. Might be best name on board today

Quote of the Day:

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction Greek Gods are good for raising money Proxy or VPN Swap em if you got em Meta finance I pretty much put every Meta name here now

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Closes today 189 extensions taken. Big amount and definitely enough to give this big value Not seen a lot of $2 million dollar bids on Namejet If it’s at the low end of the reserve it could hit This one really hits the spot Met reserve at under $8000 A lot of these big names are going to move today not the metal, but still shiny Reserve met under $2K. Great name for a window of commercial area for rent

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Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Probably more for the backlinks and history Quick mobile play Not as good but same use 18 years old and taken in 10 extensions Love this one but I love the track. I see this for all kinds of racing apps and sites A ton of money in free Sounds like a sporting goods or fashion line Any LLEnergy name is probably worth looking at right now great letters. R for Realty Four figure name. Even for a dot net Another nice dot net Cool sounding name. Another that will easily pass four figures at auction A little boring but if you offer it then you should want it seems like a customer analytics company

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good.

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