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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, October 14th , 2021

If you ever want to realize that life is not about you and to learn to have patience and understanding, have a kid. Your world becomes them and it can be trying. They always, or should always, come first. This month was a perfect representative of patience and privilege. My daughter was in a car accident a month ago and she was just fine. Another person caused it but roughed up her 15 year old Subaru. To the point it was in the shop for a month. The insurance company gave her a loaner so she had transportation. In NY the law is No Fault so everyone pays their own insurance. You can sue the other person if you think they should pay. The damage was pretty severe but below a total and our insurance didn’t think it was worthy of it. Fortunately we got full coverage on the old car so it was completely repaired. Crisis averted. A lot of tears but averted

She gets her car back finally and drives it home. NY curbs are made of stone instead of concrete since they have so many quarries. So what does my daughter do as soon as she gets home? Hits the curb and it slashes both her tires and knocks the ball joint loose. Of course she says she didn’t hit it very hard, just caught a sharp section of stone. And I do agree, taking out a new ball joint would be difficult so they probably didn’t repair that. But that curb took a beating from her tires. Definitely her fault. We had it repaired and I told myself “she’s not been hurt, its only money and an accident”. We’re not done. Saturday night we get a call from my daughter “I’m sorry, I’ve been in an accident and this one is bad”. As parents having your child injured or killed in a car accident is their worst nightmare. Fortunately she was just fine but the car looked rough. She pulled out of her driveway onto a busy street right in front of a car. 10 pm and the other car didn’t have its lights on and she pulled right in front of it. It crashed at 40 mph into her front quarter panel and smashed it up pretty good.

To make matters worse, the other drivers and “borrowed” the car from their workplace without consent and we screaming at my daughter. Telling her she had to pay and that they were going to get in trouble and they were going to take it out on her. Calling her names and taking her phone as collateral. Fortunately my daughter remained calm and the police got the phone back. But here we are again, NY is a no fault insurance state. If we want them to pay we have to sue. The car isn’t even valuable enough to sue for. We are definitely not turning it into insurance. We have it towed to a body shop. He says its will be $6K. More than the value of the car. So I have my mechanic from the nursery who has worked on the car call, to have a mechanic to mechanic discussion. Turns out most of the quote is body work. Something we don’t care about. Cosmetics are over. We just need it drivable. My mechanic sees the damage and tells them what to fix. $1200 later its being fixed.

A normal college student would be walking right now. A normal parent would have probably totaled the car. But as a former student I know a car is your freedom. I also don’t teach through suffering. My kid is smart enough to learn without being forced into difficult situations.A car is a privilege and a privilege for people with money. I want my daughter to enjoy herself. She needs to experience these types of things and see how you fix them. Some times you fix with money, some times with knowing someone, but always with staying on top of it and dealing with what hand you got dealt. I wanted my daughter to have a great time and learn. It’s taught me AND her how to deal with things. Her without crying. Me without screaming and being pissed. She’s doing her job and she’s safe. Those are the most important things. She’s the top engineering student at Syracuse with a 4.0 so I can’t argue with her efforts. Although I think next semester she needs to add a driving course to her schedule. And I am going to have to sell some domains or NFTs to keep the Subaru running.

Domain of the Day: Doesn’t take a lot of explanation to understand why this is the top name on the board today

Quote of the day: College is a refuge from hasty judgment. – Robert Frost

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Taken in 190 extensions (most on the NJ board) and no reserve A Hindu God. Taken in 180 extensions I only put this here because I know the word and its at no reserve 1996 domain. Another net but they are super cheap relatively No reserve that exudes global

Sedo’s new auction has more million dollar and half million dollar names than I’ve seen in one auction. Take a LQQK at all these

Godaddy Domains With Bids Pineapple in Spanish Dope as in cool and dope as in dope Leave me a little meat on the bones please Boss and fashion go together like Dolce and Banana Cyber still gets it done. Old term. Still popular Old big site with lots of backlinks . Almost as big of a price as We still doing the beard thing or did we give it back to the Harley riders? Wait. Are we still riding Harley’s ? mining for DNA Sounds like a drug you take for something Sell them or teach husbands how to get out of them Such a cool sounding brand Where I am at the end of the day Cool hack, tough spell Software security

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  1. Glad to hear your daughter wasn’t hurt… accidents are a lot to deal with but each one could have been a whole lot worse. Sounds like the Subaru has been a safe car!

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