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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

“If there is anything I can do to help let me know”. I’m sure you’ve had someone say that to you before.  In reality it’s something you say when you’re really not sure what else to say but you do really care. I have no doubts that someone that says this really would help in any way possible.  I also know that the person that is struggling is never going to ask for help.  I said this exact statement to a friend and its the last time I ever used or will use the statement. My friend had a family member losing their battle with cancer and it was a tough time. After I said it he said “don’t ask me to help you find something. Do something, anything that YOU think would make me feel better”  I am summarizing, but he basically said that anything that came to my mind that I thought would make him feel better then I should do it.  No matter how big or how small he promised he would appreciate it but the last thing he wanted to do was help someone else.  But with all he was dealing with the last thing he was going to do is tell people what he needed. Because the one thing he needed he was losing. 

So the next time you feel like saying it I would recommend you listen, watch, or dig into your relationship and find something that you think would help that person.  With my friend above, there were groups that took turns bringing over hot cooked meals.  Taking the dog out for its walks.  Things that took some of the burdens of every day life.  I knew they hated cut flowers and every time I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers I laughed because I thought.  How could someone think this isn’t beautiful   So I brought them over and said.  “I got these for you, I know how much you hate them”  All the things above were things that as friends, we knew about our friend and acted on them.  Even if you don’t know the person real well you can still come up with things that almost anyone would appreciate.  And if you get it wrong.  The old saying “it’s the thought that counts” really comes into play here.  Because whether or not it’s the perfect gift or action.  It really shows you are thinking of them. 

For the men who are reading this.  In general we’re terrible at this type of stuff.  We bring our spouses or loved ones things when the calendar tells you to.  I promise you that doing the exact same things unannounced has 3 times the fire power. I gift out of the blue.  A 3 minute conversation of how thankful you are that they are sharing your journey.  Or even those flowers.  (I suggest live ones from Country Arbors)  Acts of kindness derived by you and not by requirement is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  

And if you need any creative ideas on how to make someone’s day “Let me know if I can do anything to help”

Quote of the Day: “A committee can make a decision that is dumber than any of its members.” — David Coblitz

Domain of the Day: Most bids on the board today. And you can see why. Something hundreds of millions of people do around the world. Especially immigrant workers

Remember to click the links to see the current prices and if you are going to pay for a name do it while visiting It pays for the gas to run the ship. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Such a great brand. Memorable and a single word that everyone knows Sell tickets to private gameplay The dot ly have been doing really well at auction and I expect this to be no different I think this makes a good brand. I don’t think anyone else will though Doing better than your average

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Going to a new home because its met reserve. The name is only going up in value over the years Closes today. Lots of Is and Os Met reserve at $10,000. These have really dropped in value I think this deserves the reserves I heard its a pretty nice place No reserve and great letters It rhymes and its short. That’s enough checks for me to participate Apps work well with dot io and this feels like an app or tool

Godaddy Domains With Bids In my wheelhouse. A lot of lawn companies out there It’s been done a thousand times but none had this name Seems a bit pretentious but we know its going to have big, expensive homes for sale 3 great keywords for one low price Honestly 99 times out of 100 it really doesn’t Another one just for me Great letters. I’m not a big person but this is one I would buy Reminds me of JustTakeMyMoney Long energy names. Because the world is short of energy I highly recommend you put this on your food once a day And I promise it tastes better than this one You should always try to stay local. But the realty is some just can’t compete A bit of a parody name but could be online education The bids probably aren’t coming for the zip code of Skokie, IL

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  1. Shane, the intro and sentiment behind it are so good that I saved it for future reference. Thank you, definite food for thought. My condolences to you and your friend.

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