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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

When I got my lab I had no lab owners tell me they weren’t great dogs for running. That they tend to be stocky and thick dogs with bad hips so they are more companion and house dogs. It didn’t make any sense to me as they originally were hunting dogs and would be taken out and run all day. So I asked my vet. She said that as long as you trained them to run then they are great runners. The key is to wait until after they’ve matured a bit (after a year old) and then gradually increase the miles just like a person would.

So we started our dog running at a year and started with a few miles and now have him up to 25-35 miles a week. Some days he pull me for 7 miles and some days are like yesterday where I was the lead sled dog and pulled him the entire way. Squirrels and flying plastic bags are his weakness and I would be lying if my wife and myself hadn’t almost been pulled off our feet when he sees one dart. I have a waist strap with an elastic leash that gives some pull and help manage when we’re not at the same pace. The running has kept our dog lean and more calm. His Dad became super thick with time and Franklin is muscular but not much fat. Of course that changes with time but my feeling is all that exercise is good for building muscle which the vet noticed. She weighed him and initially said lay off the food a little but when she got him in her hands she realized he was all muscle. He is much heavier than he looks which is good when we get dog friendly hotels that don’t allow dogs over 70lbs. Because he is but look 55.

Running also keeps him napping most of the day. When I don’t run him him is much more anxious. Unfortunately he likes it so much he whines to go running or go throw the ball which is more hard running as we play fetch for 30 minutes and he runs like he’s in race the whole time. So who knew that exercise is just as good for pets as it is for humans. Turns out obesity is bad for anything that has joints and organs

Domain of the Day: So many uses on this one. Something that keeps you safe on the road comes to mind

Quote of the Day: “Tell the story, don’t just read it out loud.”

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Officially a bay window is an oriel but I think its the top amount of bids at Namejet because its a nice sounding brand The reserve is reasonable but still a few thousand to get to if its going to get in range. Ends today Expiring and no reserve. Sounds a bit 90s but that’s ok As seen on DomainSherpa. Everyone gave it a yes except me. I didn’t see value . Boys can be mermaids 😀 If its closer to the $500 reserve, definite maybe Great blockchain name and the net doesn’t scare me I think this hits reserve. Already at $1600 and I think the seller has to have the price real close to that number Its a pretty high reserve but you never know. K for Knowledge Ends today and $120 has met reserve and could take it home Also ends today and comes with a few hundred traffic visitors “innovation” in several languages and getting good bids as a keyword despite the .cl I’ve sold a few 4L dot co that rhyme. It was the kind I was buying when I was buying dot co

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Obvious reason. Marketing people can make a ton of money. The ironic part is they make their money in marketing themselves to get you to sell marketing courses Social media runs the internet Two great numerics. Expect 20K or close IMO Decent name on its own but the price is because of the past site with lots of good links and history Glow up Dr. Money I hope to make the list next year The “co” is the reason for such a high price Kind of the same idea as road smart. Something that keeps you safer at work management service of some sort I feel this is where I could get a cheap medical marijuana card I would name my solar company this although Flower Solar is better with the emphasis on Solar instead of flower People think if you bought you better get this one

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

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  1. Great to hear you taking good care of your dog, Shane! Kudos.

    I’m a huge dog lover, and it hurts to see the majority of dog owners mismanaging their dog’s health as much as their own health. Many dogs unfortunately suffer from behaviorial problems solely because of lack of exercise and mental stimulation. And then the owners complain that there’s something wrong with their dogs…

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