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I know guitar players, and musicians in general, can be extremely passionate individuals; however, since I’m not a guitar player myself, I was blown away by the number of custom builders out there, some of which have been building on .Guitars domains. A sample of those is below, and the screenshots are linked, if you would like to check them out for yourselves.

MartinTaylor.Guitars – This is an additional domain name for the Australia-based company which has resided at “Martin Taylor Guitars create instruments of beauty. Each guitar is hand crafted to fit the requirements of the individual owner and will have a unique voice.”



Hirschmann.Guitars – According to Google Translate from the German-language site, “Hirschmann Guitars is a guitar manufacturer from Hanover and offers semi acoustic instruments guitars professional repairs.They also have a site live at



Manic.Guitars – A Gorleston, UK-based collector and builder. “I collect and build Guitars and will be sharing my love of all things Guitar with you. I will add my personal collection and desired additions for you all to see.”



Hirsch.Guitars – A Brighton, UK-based builder which has the following description on its Twitter page, “Introducing the Hirsch SB-1 Radius electric guitar. Small body, big sound, classic curves – no compromise. It’s not just a travel guitar, it’s a proper guitar!”



Pagelli.Guitars – “finest handmade guitars by claudio + claudia pagelli” These builders are based in Switzerland, and they have developed the same site at



Reloved.Guitars – The home of a company based in West Devon, England. “Our aim is to take basic budget guitars and transform them from hard-to-play monsters that people can’t wait to get rid of, into well set up, playable and precise instruments.”


Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I agree that those two companies would be nice to add to .Guitars. However, I’m impressed any time I see end users adopting a new extension.

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