Six Tattoo Shops in Six Countries Using .Tattoo Domains

Jun 30 2016

This week we’re taking a look at a few examples of end users who have migrated over to their new .Tattoo domain names. Specifically, it’s six different tattoo shops residing in six different countries.

Screenshots are linked if you’d like to check them out for yourselves.

PaintKillers.Tattoo, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

BigBadWolf.Tattoo, based in Malakoff, France

TheStudio.Tattoo, based in Glasgow, Scotland

SkullFactory.Tattoo, based in Hamburg, Germany

Izmit.Tattoo, based in Izmit, Turkey

SkinDope.Tattoo, based in Regensdorf, Switzerland

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  1. Nick

    .Tattoo can get a lot of tattoo shops, but still will always have Zero value for domainers, the shops will never pay much more than reg fee for the domains. Like most other new extensions.

  2. Post author

    If there is widespread adoption with end users, I would think an uptick in aftermarket prices would also follow.
    Is .tattoo the ‘best’ place for domainers to invest their money? That’s a different question.

  3. Nick

    I can’t agree with that. Tattoo shops are like restaurants, they will never pay much more than reg fee for domains. Both pay almost nothing for .com’s, They aren’t going to pay more than reg fee for .Tattoo

  4. Post author

    If we set domainers aside, I’m sure we can agree that widespread adoption by tattoo parlors would be good for the registry. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Nick

    I agree with that, and I very much appreciate what I see you do in helping domains not do bad investments, and point out decent resellable names. What is good for domainers with not much money is much more important than what is good for rich registries. Extensions like .tattoo are not good for domainers.

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