Some Great Opportunities With a Few Nice Names Dropping Today ($18.53 and $10,000)

Mar 18 2010

Some great names lately.  I added to my scarf collection.  By scarf collection I mean I now own plaidscarf, purplescarf and a whole bunch more scarf dot coms.  I like scarves what can I say. Now on to the names This name has been at the top of the most active at Godaddy for a week. 68 bids and already over $10,000.  Hot name $18.53  CPC and 3500 searches make this name worth more than you’ll pay on Godaddy Big name will reach big price. $15K estibot price If dot nets are worth 1/10 of the dot coms then this should be worth a few hundred Already received 51,000 uniques a month.  All for the low low price of………………….. It’s a dot org but 2300 searches and $3200 valuate

There are a ton of more great names today and remember……….It’s easy to find names using

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